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MediShield Life: 8 Things to Know


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1.    Covers everyone

All Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents

Even if you have pre-existing conditions including cancer, stroke, heart disease

Even if you were previously rejected by insurers



2.    Protects you for life



3.    Has better benefits

MediShield Life pays more of your bill.

You pay less.



4.    Premiums will increase

Better benefits = Higher premiums

Pay more when working = Pay less in retirement



5.    Premiums fully payable by Medisave



6.    Government will provide support


Premium Subsidies

- For Pioneer Generation
- For Middle-income
- For Lower-income

Transitional Subsidies

- For all Singaporeans

Medisave Top-ups

- For Pioneer Generation for life
- For those aged 55 - 64 in 2014 (5 years)



7.    No one will lose coverage due to financial need

Additional financial assistance for those who cannot afford premiums even after subsidies



8.    No need to apply

MediShield Life will start at end 2015

Automatic inclusion for Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents