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MOH Approved Training Provider

1. General

MOH Approved Training providers (MOH-ATP) are organizations/individuals with relevant and suitable resources and infrastructure to conduct selected courses for Biosafety Coordinators working in BSL 3 facilities.

2. Criteria / Eligibility

The criteria and eligibility of the MOH-Approved Training Provider (MOH-ATP) is as follows:

  1. Trainer's Qualifications
    1. Tertiary academic qualifications in Biomedical Sciences or equivalent field
    2. At least 3 years experience in direct laboratory safety management
    3. For the Lead trainer, he/she must have conducted biological safety management courses
  2. Organization's Qualifications
    1. Experience in conducting training course
    2. Any accreditation received
  3. Course
    1. Syllabus of the course which includes the description of the topics to be covered per session, the objective of each session, duration of the session and the examination (applicable for both practical and theoretical type of examination)
    2. Proposed course notes
    3. Proposed examination questionnaire with answers and the passing Scheme

3. Course Guidelines

  1. Safety organization: roles and responsibilities of biosafety coordinator, operator, other lab employees, etc
  2. Biosafety standards: comparison of local versus international guidelines
  3. Legislation & regulation of occupational safety and health in Singapore: legislative requirements, governing agencies, contacts for biosafety, other occupational safety and health legislations
  4. Import, export and transfer: procedures and documents required, select agents
  5. Overview of facility design and containment principles for BSL 2-4
  6. Overview of biosafety principles and practices for BSL 2-4
  7. Overview of special hazards: Gene manipulation, fire hazards, etc
  8. Disinfection and decontamination: principles, methods and technologies available, etc
  9. Shipping, transportation, packaging and labelling
  10. Biosafety management
  11. Emergency response
  12. Occupational Health Programs
  13. Staff training and supervision: developing biosafety program, training of new employees
  14. Laboratory risk assessment
  15. Biosecurity

4. Application

The following documents are to be attached to the application for MOH - Approved Training Provider:

  1. Procedure

    Applicants interested to apply as MOH- Approved Training Provider (MOH-ATP) can apply online via the e-services of the Biosafety website or alternatively, you may download the application form and send the duly accomplished form together with the relevant documents to the Ministry of Health.

    Note that if you would submit your application using the downloadable application form, you are still required to register online once the application has been approved by the MOH.

  2. Requirements/Supporting documents to be attached/submitted with the application
    1. Trainers qualification which includes curriculum vitae, academic and professional certificates
    2. Course syllabus for theoretical and practical lessons
    3. Proposed course notes and examinations
    4. Brief write-up on the organization which includes the organization's background, experience in conducting training courses and any accreditation received

Click here if you want to apply as MOH-ATP online
Click here to  download the application form

5. Fees

Currently, the Ministry of Health does not charge any fees for the application as MOH-Approved Training Provider (MOH-ATP).

6. Processing Time

The processing time for an application as MOH-Approved Training Provider (MOH-ATP) will depend on the completeness and accuracy of the data in the application form and the supporting documents submitted which is necessary in the processing of the application.

7. Validity of MOH- Approved Training Provider (MOH-ATP)

The validity of an MOH-Approved Training provider is 2 years and subject to renewal.

MOH has the right to revoke the approval if the training provider does not accept the requirements or does not comply with the requirements, or any alleged misconduct of the training provider.

8. List of MOH-Approved Training Provider (MOH-ATP)

The training providers in the list are approved by the Ministry of Health as having the relevant experience and resources to conduct a training program for biosafety coordinator.

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9. FAQ

The FAQ's on the homepage of the biosafety website provide answers to commonly asked questions on biosafety.

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