Enhancements (2020)

Long-Term Care Financing Enhancements (2020)

Strengthening our long-term care financing framework

Long-term care financing in Singapore is based on the principle of collective responsibility, with multiple tiers of support via (i) targeted Government subsidies and financial assistance or community support for those with less financial means; (ii) insurance to pool risks across the population, and (iii) personal/family savings for individuals and families to take responsibility for their own care.

The Ministry of Health will introduce 3 new initiatives from 2020 to strengthen our long-term care financing framework and make long-term care more affordable for Singaporeans.

CareShield Life

CareShield Life, a new long-term care insurance targeted at severe disability, will be introduced in 2020. CareShield Life will provide better protection and assurance against the uncertainty of long-term care costs. Find out more about CareShield Life here.

MediSave Withdrawals for Long-Term Care

In addition to insurance, personal and family savings is an important source of funding for long-term care needs. From 2020, severely disabled Singapore Residents1 aged 30 and above will be able to tap on their own or their spouse’s MediSave accounts for their long-term care needs.

Severely disabled Singapore residents will be able to withdraw up to $2,400 per year (or $200 per month) as cash to supplement their long-term care needs. A minimum of $5,000 will need to be set aside in MediSave to ensure sufficient MediSave for other medical expenses such as MediShield Life premiums or hospitalisations, and cannot be withdrawn. Individuals who have insufficient MediSave balances can choose to tap on their spouse’s MediSave to supplement the withdrawal, up to $200 per month per individual. The table below shows the eligible withdrawal amounts.

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MediSave Withdrawals for Long-Term Care

MediSave Balance2Monthly Withdrawal Quantum
$20,000 and above$200
$15,000 and above$150
$10,000 and above$100
$5,000 and above$50
Below $5,000Nil

More details on how to apply for MediSave Withdrawals will be released when ready.

1 Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents.
2 MediSave balance at point of monthly withdrawal.


ElderFund will assist lower-income Singapore Citizens aged 30 and above, who are severely disabled and need additional financial support for long-term care.

Eligible Singapore Citizens can receive up to $250 per month in cash for as long as they remain severely disabled.

ElderFund will be launched in 2020. More details on how to apply for ElderFund will be released when ready.

Last Updated on 18 Nov 2018