ElderShield Supplements

What are ElderShield Supplements?

ElderShield Supplements are plans which complement your basic ElderShield plan by offering additional benefits which increase your coverage, such as:

  1. increasing the monthly payout
  2. extending the payout period or
  3. a combination of both.

You will need to be an existing ElderShield policyholder to purchase Supplement plans. The basic ElderShield plan and the Supplement plans are standalone polices. As such, you can purchase the two different types of policies from different insurers, and claims can be made separately from both, if you fulfil the claims eligibility criteria.

Premiums payable by MediSave

Premiums for your ElderShield Supplements can be paid by cash or using MediSave.

Your ElderShield Supplement can be paid using your own MediSave, or the MediSave of your spouse, parents, children, or grandchildren, up to a limit of $600 per year.

You can top up your MediSave Account to pay the premiums via one of the following methods:

  • E-Payment
  • NETS or CashCard
  • Cash
  • Cheque

Comparison of Supplement Plans

Should you wish to have higher coverage, you may purchase any of the MediSave-approved ElderShield Supplement plans under the three insurers below.

The plans do differ in their coverage and benefits, and you are strongly advised to speak with your insurer first. You may contact any of the insurers here for further information.

For a comprehensive table of comparison, please click below:


 Insurance Provider  Name of Policy
 Aviva  My Care
 My Care Plus
 Great Eastern Life  ValuePlus 300 or ValuePlus 400
 ElderShield Comphrehensive
 Income  PrimeShield
Information updated as of Aug 2016 
Last Updated on 30 Aug 2019