The various programmes facilitated by Ministry of Health together with the various institutions can be found below.

Community Care Manpower Development Award (CCMDA) 

SHMDP-ILTC has been re-branded to Community Care Manpower Development Award (CCMDA).



Health Manpower Development Plan - Visiting Experts (HMDP VE)

HMDP Visiting Experts in medical and health-related fields impart their skills and share their knowledge to help improve and upgrade our medical and health team's expertise in the respective disciplines.

The experts' visits facilitate the sharing of knowledge and skills amongst healthcare professionals of similar interest in hospitals and institutions across the public healthcare sector. They are involved in lectures, seminars, workshops and visits to the various departments of hospitals/institutions as part of the HMDP programme.



Public Health Lectures

This is a series of lectures conducted as part of the Public Health National Training Programme.