Competency Standards for Pharmacists in Advanced Practice

This guidebook on competency standards for pharmacists in advanced practice was established to build on and to complement the entry-to-practice competency standards prescribed by the Singapore Pharmacy Council. The competency standards in this document describe the knowledge, skills and attributes that a pharmacist in advanced practice should possess in order to perform a range of professional practice activities to a desired standard. This competency framework allows pharmacists to design and structure their development plan to meet competence and to develop their career.

Competency Standards for Pharmacy Technicians 

The National Competency Standards for Pharmacy Technicians (Entry Level) 2015 describes the entry-level competency requirements for pharmacy technicians in public healthcare institutions. It aims to produce and maintain a pharmacy technician workforce that is able to manage day-to-day pharmacy operations in a manner that will ensure optimal patient care and public safety, under the supervision of registered pharmacists. For more information, please access the link below:

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