About Us 


Welcome to the website of the Ministry of Health (MOH) Singapore.

Vision and mission

Championing a healthy nation with our people - To live well, live long & with peace of mind.

We are an innovative and people-centred organization, committed to medical excellence, promoting good health and reducing illness, and to ensuring that Singaporeans have access to good and affordable healthcare that is appropriate to their needs. More..

Delivery and philosophy

Through MOH, the Government manages the public healthcare system to ensure that good and affordable basic medical services are available to all Singaporeans. We achieve this through providing subsidised medical services while promoting individual responsibility for the costs of healthcare services. Our population is thus encouraged to adopt a healthy lifestyle, taking responsibility for one’s own health. Safety nets are provided however, to ensure that no Singaporean is denied access into the healthcare system or turned away by public hospitals because of lack of money.

Leadership and management

Through the leadership of Minister for Health and the Permanent Secretary (Health), the work of the Ministry is implemented through its three main groups: Policy and Corporate Group, Operational Groups and the Professional Cluster. MOH also licenses and regulates all healthcare establishments such as hospitals, nursing homes, clinical laboratories, medical and dental clinics. More..

The public healthcare delivery system is geographically structured as vertically integrated delivery networks, Alexandra Health System (AHS), Eastern Health Alliance (EH Alliance), Jurong Health Services (JHS), National University Health System (NUHS), National Healthcare Group (NHG) and Singapore Health Services (SHS).