Total Operation Fees - By Procedure 


The following provides details on the ‘Total Operation Fees’ for common surgical procedures. The ‘Total Operation Fees’ is a component of the total hospital bill, which is also published. The public is as such advised to also refer to MOH’s publication of ‘Total Hospital Bill’ as it provides transparency on the full amounts that patients have to pay (weblink). 

The figures shown are based on actual transacted fees of all cases submitted by the hospitals from the period 1 January 2016 to 30 June 2017.

For public hospitals, both Unsubsidised (i.e. ‘Day Surgery Private’ and ‘Ward A’) and Subsidised (i.e. ‘Day Surgery Subsidised’, ‘Ward B2’ and ‘Ward C’) fees are provided.

For private hospitals, the ‘Total Operation Fees’ is further broken down into its components of ‘Surgeon Fees’, ‘Anaesthetist Fees’ and ‘Facility Fees’. This breakdown is not available for public hospitals, as surgeons and anaesthetists in public hospitals do not charge a separate fee. 

To ensure that there are adequate cases for meaningful comparisons, 'Total Operation Fees’ for procedures with less than 30 cases will not be shown.

Body Part
Low: One in four patients pay less than this amount. Middle: Half of all patients pay less than this amount. High: One in four patients pay more than this amount.

Notes (*) 

  1. '-' denotes data is not applicable.
  2. 'n/a' denotes data with less than 30 cases.