ElderShield Supplements 


ElderShield policyholders who wish to obtain higher coverage can do so by purchasing ElderShield Supplements. These Supplements complement ElderShield by offering additional benefits at different pricing levels. They increase your coverage through:

    (i) increasing the monthly payout
    (ii) extending the payout period or
    (iii) a combination of both.

To preserve the basic risk pool of ElderShield, policyholders must have an ElderShield policy in order to purchase and maintain an ElderShield Supplement. Premiums for ElderShield Supplements can be paid using Medisave (up to a limit of $600 per year per person insured) or by cash. As ElderShield and ElderShield Supplements are structured as standalone policies, claims can be made under both policies if you fulfill the claims eligibility criteria.

Please contact any of the 3 ElderShield insurers for further information on the Supplements available.

Medisave-approved ElderShield Supplements include:

Aviva Ltd

Great Eastern Life Assurance Co Ltd

NTUC Income Insurance Cooperative Ltd