MediShield is a low cost basic medical insurance scheme. Introduced in 1990, the government designed MediShield to help members meet large Class B2/C hospitalisation bills, which could not be sufficiently covered by their Medisave balances. To avoid problems associated with first-dollar, comprehensive insurance leading to unnecessary over-consumption of healthcare services, MediShield operates with co-payment features such as  co-insurance and deductible where patients share part of the responsibility for his medical expenses. The co-insurance and deductible can be paid using Medisave or cash.

Premiums  for MediShield can be paid by Medisave. A very large medical bill can easily wipe out your Medisave balance. For this reason, you are advised to take up MediShield or an appropriate private Integrated Shield Plan in order to stretch your Medisave dollars. 

If you plan to use Class B1 and higher ward classes or go to a private hospital for your future hospitalisations, you may wish to consider purchasing Medisave-approved private Integrated Shield Plans on top of your basic MediShield coverage. MediShield and  private Integrated Shield Plans are designed to cater to your different insurance coverage needs.

MediShield is operated by the CPF Board. Visit CPF Board's website for useful information on the MediShield scheme.




To find out if you have MediShield or an Integrated Shield Plan, please check your yearly CPF Statement of Account or login to “my cpf Online Services” on the CPF Board’s website. You may also authorise hospital staff handling your admission to check whether you have a MediShield or Integrated Shield plan.

Alternatively, you can email CPF Board at or call them at 1800-227-1188 to check on the coverage.  You may also email MOH at




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The Government will be enhancing MediShield to MediShield Life in end-2015 to provide all Singaporeans with greater peace of mind and assurance against large bills and to ensure that all Singaporeans are covered for life, regardless of their circumstances.

For more information, visit the MediShield Life website.