Subsidies for Government-funded Intermediate Long-Term Care Services 



Intermediate and long term care (ILTC) services are typically required for persons who need further care and treatment after being discharged from an acute hospital as well as community-dwelling elderly who may be frail and need supervision or assistance with their activities of daily living. For information regarding ILTC services, please click here: Residential ILTC Services, and Home and Centre-based Services (Non-Residiential Services).  

Government Subsidy

We recognise that the bills for ILTC services can be significant as people may require health and/or social care over longer periods of time. As such, the Government provides subsidies to offset the bills of these people needing care.

Eligibility Criteria

Government subsidies are available only to persons who:

  • Are Singapore citizens or Permanent Residents
  • Meet the admission criteria of the ILTC services required
  • Are receiving care from MOH-funded service providers


A means-test is used to determine the amount of subsidies each person needing care is eligible for. Persons from lower income households will be granted higher subsidies under the means testing framework. 

With effect from 1 July 2012, the means-test approach for MOH-funded ILTC services will be based on Household Means-Testing.  Household Means-Testing takes into consideration:


  • Gross income of the person needing care, his/her spouse and all family members living in the same household; and
  • Total number of family members living in the same household.


  • Annual value of place of residence for households with no income.

Medical social workers or administrative staff of Government hospitals or MOH-funded ILTC service providers will assist people needing care with their application for Government subsidies.

Subsidy Framework

Government subsidies provided are based on a six-tier subsidy framework depending on the type of ILTC service required. This is shown in Tables 1 to 4.

Table 1: Subsidies for Subsidised Wards in Community Hospitals

Household Per Capita
Monthly Income
Subsidy Rate
Singapore Citizens Permanent Residents
$700 and below 75% 50%
$701 to $1,100 60% 40%
$1,101 to $1,800 50% 30%
$1,801 to $2,600 45% 25%
$2,601 to $3,100 40% 20%
$3,101 and above  20% 10%

Table 2: Subsidies for Residential Services (except Community Hospitals)

Household Per Capita
Monthly Income
Subsidy Rate
Singapore Citizens Permanent Residents
$700 and below 75% 50%
$701 to $1,100 60% 40%
$1,101 to $1,600 50% 30%
$1,601 to $1,800 40% 20%
$1,801 to $2,600 20%  10% 
$2,601 and above  0%  0% 

This applies to Chronic Sick Hospitals, Inpatient Hospices, VWO Nursing Homes, Private Nursing Homes on Portable Subsidy Scheme, Psychiatric Rehabilitation Homes and Psychiatric Sheltered Homes.

Table 3: Subsidies for Home and Centre-Based Services (Non-Residential Services)

Household Per Capita
Monthly Income
Subsidy Rate
Singapore Citizens Permanent Residents
$700 and below 80% 55%
$701 to $1,100 75% 50%
$1,101 to $1,600 60% 40%
$1,601 to $1,800 50% 30%
$1,801 to $2,600 30%  15% 
$2,601 and above  0%  0% 

This includes Eldercare Centres (such as Day Rehabilitation Centres, Dementia Day Care Centres, Social Day Care Centres, Senior Care Centres), Psychiatric Day Rehabilitation, and home-based services such as Hospice Home Medical, Hospice Home Nursing, Home Medical and Home Nursing, Home Help and Home Personal Care.

Table 4: Monthly Subsidies for Community Haemodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis

Household Per Capita Monthly Income Community Haemodialysis
Subsidies Per Month
Peritoneal Dialysis
Subsidies Per Month
Singapore Citizens Permanent Residents Singapore Citizens Permanent Residents
$700 and below $1,138 $910 $1,188 $960
$701 to $1,100 $798 $638 $848 $688
$1,101 to $1,600 $570 $456 $620 $506
$1,601 to $1,800 $467 $375 $517 $425
$1,801 to $2,600 $331 $263 $381 $313
$2,601 and above $0 $0 $0 $0

Other Assistance Schemes

The same means-test approach is also used to determine if you are eligible for healthcare schemes such as Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) and Senior’s Mobility and Enabling Fund (SMF). Besides means-testing, you are required to meet all other eligibility criteria to qualify for such schemes.

Application Procedures

To apply for subsidies, please approach the staff of Government hospitals or MOH-funded ILTC service providers. He or she will help you with your application through the completion of the Means-Test Declaration Form.