Through e-Consultation, the ministry aims to gather useful feedback and suggestion from the members of the public to further improve the policies and services.

On-going Consultation(s)

Past Consultations

(25 Jun 2015 - 24 Jul 2015)

During the public consultation exercise, feedback can be submitted via the online feedback form.

All responses will be carefully considered by the Ministry of Health, Health Promotion Board and Health Sciences Authority.

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Public Consultation on the Human Biomedical Research Bill
(6 Nov 2014 - 18 Dec 2014)

1.            The Human Biomedical Research Bill aims to further strengthen the international standing of Singapore’s research community. It will provide clarity regarding the roles and responsibilities of individuals and organisations involved in human biomedical research. It will also ensure that human biomedical research, tissue collection and banking activities are carried out under good research and ethical practice principles.

2.            In particular, the Bill will:

·           Enhance the protection of the safety and welfare of research participants,

·           Regulate categories of restricted research (such as human-animal combination stem cell research),

·           Protect the safety and welfare of tissue donors, and

·           Prohibit the commercial trading of human tissues regardless of whether it is used in research.

3.            The bill will be enacted in 2015.

4.            A copy of the Draft Bill is available here.

5.            An accompanying deck of slides (with explanatory notes), that outlines the key policy concepts of the Human Biomedical Research and Human Tissue regulatory frameworks to be found in the Main Bill and its future Regulations, is available here.

6.            MOH would like to invite interested parties to submit written comments on the proposed Bill. Interested parties may choose to use the online feedback form below or download the feedback form and email to here.

7.            The online public consultation will be held from 6 Nov to 18 Dec 2014.

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Public Consultation on Pre-Abortion Counselling Criteria
(3 Nov 2014 - 3 Dec 2014)


1          MOH intends to review the criteria for pre-abortion counselling that was established in 1987.

2          The TOP Act requires all women contemplating abortion to be actively counselled on the risks and implications of abortions.  The pregnant woman can only give her written consent to abortion at least 48 hours (“cooling- off period”) after the pre-abortion counselling.  This allows the woman time to consider her options carefully before reaching her decision. 

3          The Guidelines on Termination of Pregnancy (TOP) state that pre-abortion counselling must be provided for a pregnant woman, regardless of her marital status, who:

a)    is a Singapore citizen or permanent resident (SC or PR)

b)    has passed the primary school leaving examination (PSLE)

c)    has at least some secondary education, and

d)    has less than three children


4          We recognise that some of the pre-abortion counselling criteria are no longer relevant with the shift in Singapore’s demographic and social landscape. Hence, MOH intends to extend pre-abortion counselling to all women seeking treatment for TOP in Singapore.


5          MOH is seeking views and feedback on the changes to the criteria for pre-abortion counselling. All feedback can be submitted via the online Feedback Form, or emailed to or mailed to the following address:

Ministry of Health

Corporate Communications Division – PAC Public Consultation

College of Medicine Building, 16 College Road, Singapore 169854.



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Public Consultation on Enhanced Nursing Home Standards
(5 Jul 2013 - 2 Aug 2013)

Public Consultation on the Healthy Living Master Plan
(22 Apr 2013 - 31 May 2013)

The Healthy Living Master Plan Public Consultation seeks your views on how we can promote a healthy lifestyle for all Singaporeans. This public consultation outlines some of the areas which we are working on to enable healthy living for all. Click here to learn more about our preliminary ideas and give us your feedback.

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