Revoking an AMD

In Forms:

In Forms:

In Forms:

In Forms:

An AMD can be revoked at any time in the presence of at least one witness. The person making the revocation should do so by completing Form 3, which is the standard form for revocation of an AMD. (Those who have made an AMD will receive Form 3 together with Form 2, which confirms that their AMD has been registered by the Registry of AMDs)

Alternatively, the person or his witness could write a simple letter to the Registrar of AMDs.

The letter should contain the following information:

  • The name and NRIC of both the person revoking the AMD and the witness, along with their addresses and home and office telephone numbers.
  • Time, date and place where the revocation was made.
  • If the letter is written by the witness, the method of communication which the person used to communicate his intention to revoke the AMD (e.g. orally, sign language, etc)

Revocations should be sent to the Registry of AMDs as soon as possible.

For persons who are in a condition where they are unable to write, the AMD can be revoked orally or in any other way in which you can communicate. It is then the responsibility of the witness to the revocation to submit the notice of revocation using Form 3 or the letter as described above. The witness should also state the reason why the person revoking the AMD could not do so himself.