Medisave use for parents

12 August 2013

Question No. 581

Name of Person:  Mr David Ong Kim Huat  


To ask the Minister for Health (a) what is the current number of requests received from individuals who are 60 years old or above for use of their Medisave to pay for their parents' medical bills; and (b) whether the Ministry can review such requests to promote shared responsibility in the care of one's parents.



1        In 2012, about 4,600 CPF members aged 60 years old and above withdrew an average of $2,000 from their Medisave accounts to pay for their parents’ treatment. This represents about 2% of the total number of members in this age group who withdrew from their Medisave accounts.

2        The use of Medisave for family members’ healthcare expenses enables children to better care for their parents in old age, including financially.  However, we are mindful to calibrate this to ensure that they have sufficient savings for their own healthcare needs.  Thus, the Government has provided Medisave top-ups for the elderly under the GST Voucher scheme, to help relieve the burden on their children.  Those from low-income families with insufficient Medisave balances can also apply for financial assistance, including Medifund.

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