Medisave withdrawal limit for MediShield premiums

12 August 2013

Question No. 1320

Name of Person:  Er Dr Lee Bee Wah



To ask the Minister for Health whether there are MediShield policyholders who exceed the current Medisave withdrawal limits for their basic MediShield premiums and, if so, how many of such policyholders are there.



1                   MediShield is a basic health insurance scheme designed to help Singaporeans with the costs of subsidised Class B2/C bills at public hospitals.  MediShield premiums can be paid through Medisave.  The current Medisave withdrawal limits can fully cover basic MediShield premiums for policyholders across all age groups.   MOH will continue to regularly review the MediShield and Medisave schemes, to ensure that healthcare remains affordable for Singaporeans.      

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