MediShield coverage

12 August 2013

Question No. 1377

Name of Person:  Ms Mary Liew  


To ask the Minister for Health (a) since the implementation of the enhanced MediShield, whether there is an increase in the number of persons covered as compared to previous years; (b) what is the current number of Singaporeans that are still not covered under the MediShield and what are the reasons for not being covered; (c) whether the Ministry will consider reviewing MediShield to convert it to a comprehensive scheme that will cover Singaporeans with pre-existing illnesses.



1                   As at end 2012, 92% of the resident population, or 3.5 million members, were covered under MediShield, compared to 78% as at end 2007.  The significant increase is due to several factors, including the introduction of more auto-cover points, including at birth.  The recent enhancements to cover congenital and neonatal conditions from birth and to extend the maximum coverage age from 85 to 90 will improve the population coverage further.       

2                   For the remaining 8% who are not covered under MediShield, most opted out, lapsed in their coverage, or never applied for coverage for those who were not auto-covered.  Less than 0.5% of the population was unable to obtain MediShield coverage when they applied, due to serious pre-existing illnesses.  Those with pre-existing conditions but who are otherwise in good health can be covered for medical treatment not related to their conditions.   

3                   We have received feedback about extending MediShield coverage to Singaporeans with pre-existing illnesses from the Government Parliamentary Committee for Health, and Singaporeans whom we engaged during the Our Singapore Conversation.  MOH will take into account such feedback in our review of healthcare financing.   

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