Launch of e-Licensing for Healthcare (eLIS), Implementation of Risk-Based Licensing Framework, and New HCI Directory on 1 Aug 2013

New eLIS Portal

The e-Licensing for Healthcare (eLIS) ( is a new web-based portal, developed to replace the eLA (electronic Licence Application System) for the online application for licences issued under the Private Hospitals and Medical Clinics (PHMC) Act. Besides the enhancements to the existing functionalities, the eLIS is also providing new functionalities which streamline the application process and help the healthcare institutions (HCIs) better manage their licence applications.

What’s new in eLIS?

The online Termination of Pregnancy / Voluntary Sterilisation (TOP/VS) System (For the online submission of TOP & VS patient returns to MOH), and the Drug Practices (DP) formerly known as Central Drug Prescription Register (CDPR) (For reporting to MOH on the drug dispensing data or prescription data of Methadone),  are now integrated into the eLIS portal.  All the regulatory submissions, which were previously made through the individual systems, are now to be submitted via the eLIS portal.

Implementation of the Risk-Based Licensing Framework

A new risk-based licensing (RBL) framework is implemented on 1 Aug 2013 to incentivise clinic licensees to meet licensing requirements. This framework allows clinics with good compliance history to qualify for a 5-year licence, thereby requiring fewer inspection visits, which will translate to lower licensing costs.

Launch of the new HCI Directory

HCI Directory ( is an online platform for public to search for information about Healthcare Institutions (HCIs) licensed under the Private Hospitals and Medical Clinics (PHMC) Act.

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