Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong had announced in his National Day Rally speech 2013 that the Ministry of Health (MOH) would consider enhancements to MediShield, to provide all Singaporeans with lifetime peace of mind against large bills. The enhanced scheme, which will be renamed MediShield Life, will provide better coverage for large bills and bring in all Singaporeans under its protection, including the very old and uninsured with pre-existing illnesses. 


2.            The introduction of MediShield Life is a major step for Singapore’s healthcare financing framework, and will have significant impact on many generations of Singaporeans. Hence, MOH has appointed a MediShield Life Review Committee to review and study the proposed parameters for MediShield Life, and as part of its review, to consult widely with the public and key stakeholders, so as to better understand the benefits, implications and trade-offs involved. The MediShield Life Review Committee will be chaired by Mr Bobby Chin, member of the Council of Presidential Advisers of Singapore and a Fellow Chartered Accountant of the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants.


Terms of Reference

3.            The Terms of Reference for the MediShield Life Review Committee are as follows:

    a.      The Committee shall review the proposed design parameters for the MediShield Life scheme and make its recommendations on them, so as to meet the objective of ensuring adequate insurance protection for all Singaporeans for life, while maintaining premium affordability.

    b.    In reviewing the MediShield Life parameters, the Committee shall consider key issues and trade-offs, such as:

        i.    The balance between benefit enhancements and premium levels; and

        ii.    The appropriate extent of pre-funding during working ages, to help lower future premiums in old age.

    c.    In its review, the Committee shall engage widely with citizens, key stakeholder groups and experts.



4.            The Committee is expected to complete its review in approximately six months and present its recommendations for MediShield Life to MOH in May 2014. The Government will study the recommendations and make its decision before working towards implementing MediShield Life in 2015.




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