New Plans for Integrated Development in Woodlands Unveiled to Better Address Community Needs

Minister for National Development, Mr Khaw Boon Wan, announced today the plans for a new integrated development in Woodlands.  The first of its kind, this new development is purposefully designed as a convenient one-stop hub with wide ranging facilities, to cater to the diverse needs of the community. 

2          Located next to the Admiralty MRT Station, the development will comprise facilities such as commercial shops, a hawker centre, a childcare centre, two Studio Apartment (SA) blocks with a Senior Activity Centre, as well as healthcare services such as a medical centre and Senior Care Centre (SCC).  There will also be various community spaces where residents of all ages can come together to pursue their interests or participate in activities.  This aims to inject more vibrancy and foster closer community bonds in Woodlands Town.

Comprehensively Planned and Coordinated Inter-agency Effort

3          Through comprehensive town planning, HDB not only provides quality homes, but also integrated facilities that meet the constantly evolving needs of the community.  In yet another step to ensure synergy in the facilities for the community, HDB and MOH, in partnership with Alexandra Health System, National Environment Agency, Early Childhood Development Agency and Ministry of Social and Family Development, are developing a new integrated project in Woodlands.  This close partnership will ensure the seamless integration of amenities and services under one roof and bring greater convenience to the community.

4          The overall planning and design is guided by three principles:

a)    A vibrant place that fosters a greater sense of community

b)    Facilitation of seamless care

c)    Liveable and green development in the heartlands

a) A vibrant place that fosters a greater sense of community

5          To provide residents in Woodlands with more commercial and retail facilities, the new development will have about 20 shops, F&B outlets and a supermarket, bringing greater convenience to residents.  A new generation hawker centre will add to the dining options. 

6          Designed with the community in mind, the project will feature several community spaces to encourage interaction between residents young and old.  One example is the People’s Plaza, an open space located at the ground level of the shops, where residents can come together and bask in the excitement of various community activities and programmes.  Other community spaces include a community farm and herb garden where residents can bond over gardening.  The mix of community spaces and amenities that cater to all ages serves to bring residents together and foster a more vibrant and cohesive community.

7          The new development will also comprise two Studio Apartment (SA) blocks with about 100 units of apartments specially designed with active seniors in mind.  With the integration of the SAs into the development, residents will enjoy one-stop convenience of shopping, dining, as well as senior related services at their doorstep while ageing-in-place.

b) Facilitation of seamless care

8          The seamless delivery of social and healthcare services is also a key planning and design consideration of this integrated development.  The aim is to provide residents with easy access to these services. 

9          Within the development, there will be a Senior Activity Centre (SAC), and Child Care Centre (CCC) to better support the needs of seniors and parents of young children.  While the SAC functions as a socio-recreational space for residents of the SAs, the CCC will provide working parents in the vicinity with an option of leaving the children in its care. 

10        There will be a medical centre that will provide outpatient clinic consultation and diagnostic service.  The centre will place a strong emphasis on community health outreach activities, to help patients manage chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart problems, and encourage them to lead a healthy lifestyle through patient education and activities. 

11        To further support the needs of elderly residents, there will be an integrated Senior Care Centre providing both health and social care services, which would enable those with multiple needs to age-in-place within an environment that they are familiar with.  A range of services such as community rehabilitation (e.g. physiotherapy and occupational therapy services), day care services and nursing care services will be available, giving family caregivers an option with peace of mind to leave their loved ones in the centre’s care during the day when they are at work. 

c) Liveable and green development in the heartlands

12        Beyond the amenities, residents can also look forward to a greener town.  The overall landscape design, dotted with lush greenery will provide shade for residents to enjoy outdoor recreational activities.  For instance, they can use the Community Terrace Garden, lined with lush greenery for recreational activities such as jogging and leisurely strolls. 

Going forward

13        This new development is envisaged to provide residents with seamless access to a wide range of amenities and services, and to inject greater sense of community and vibrancy into Woodlands Town.  Construction works are slated to begin in 2014 and are estimated to complete in about three years.

Issued by:    Housing & Development Board and Ministry of Health

Issued on:    Saturday, 3 August 2013


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