Household Check Exercise to ensure Singapore Residents
receive the correct Premium Subsidies

Two in Three Singapore Residents[1] will receive MediShield Life Premium Subsidies
for Lower- to Middle-income Families

1.    All Singapore Citizens will receive Transitional Subsidies[2] over four years to help with higher premiums for MediShield Life.  Members of the Pioneer Generation will receive Pioneer Generation Subsidies for life.  Up to two in three Singapore households will also receive Premium Subsidies for lower to middle-income families.  There is no need to apply for the subsidies.  They will be automatically computed using existing Government data and extended to all eligible policyholders.

2.    To ensure that the MediShield Life Premium Subsidies are computed based on accurate and up-to-date data, the Ministry of Health (MOH) will conduct a Household Check exercise between 1 May 2015 and 19 June 2015.  Members of the public will be able to check and confirm their household information online.  Those who do not wish to be assessed for subsidies can also make their intent known during this period. 

Household Check exercise to ensure Singapore Residents receive the correct Premium Subsidies

3.    MediShield Life, when rolled out in end-2015, will provide insurance coverage for all Singapore Citizens (SCs) and Permanent Residents (PRs) for life, including the very old and those with pre-existing illnesses.  To keep MediShield Life premiums affordable, the Government will provide Transitional Subsidies for all SCs for the first four years of MediShield Life and Pioneer Generation Subsidies for Pioneers, both regardless of their household circumstances. 

4.    In addition, lower- to middle-income SCs and PRs may be eligible to receive long-term Premium Subsidies, depending on their household circumstances.  Please refer to Annex A for details.  Up to two-thirds of Singapore households are expected to benefit from this subsidy.

5.    All these subsidies will also apply for those with Integrated Shield Plans (IPs).  If eligible, the subsidies will be applied to the MediShield Life component within their IPs.

6.    Like the other subsidies, Premium Subsidies for the lower- to middle-income will also be provided in a convenient and hassle free manner, without the need for application.  MOH will tap on existing information in Government records to determine households’ eligibility and subsidies.  From 1 May 2015 to 19 June 2015, MOH will conduct a Household Check exercise to allow SCs and PRs to verify their household information reflected in Government records, so that the Premium Subsidies for those in lower-to-middle income households can be determined correctly. 

7.    Over the first two weeks of May, 1.2 million households will receive a customised MediShield Life letter from MOH on the types of subsidies they may receive for their MediShield Life premiums.  Each household will receive one letter, and only needs to complete the Household Check once.

8.    Any SC/PR member of the household above the age of 16 can confirm the household information by:

(i)    Logging on to with the Reference Number found in the MediShield Life letter or by using SingPass;

(ii)   Calling the MediShield Life hotline at 1800-222-3399 (Monday to Friday, 8.30 am to 5.30 pm); or

(iii)  Visiting the nearest counter location listed in Annex B

9.    Households who are invited to confirm their household information will have around five weeks to respond.  Their deadline will be indicated in their letters.  They are encouraged to do the check early to avoid a last-minute rush. 

10.    Those who do not wish to have their income and property ownership information accessed can also make their intent known through the above channels.  However, this will mean that they and their entire household will not receive any Premium Subsidies as there will be insufficient information for MOH to calculate the subsidies.

Determining your MediShield Life premiums and subsidies

11.    Following the Household Check exercise, MOH will determine the Premium Subsidies for eligible SCs/PRs, based on their household members’ income and property ownership information, and the number of members in the household.  Eligible SCs/PRs who do not participate in the Household Check exercise will have their Premium Subsidies computed based on information in Government records.  

12.    The public will be able to check their MediShield Life premiums and subsidies online in end-2015.  With first-year Transitional Subsidies of 90%, all SCs will pay only 10% ($5 per month or less) of the net premium increase in the first year of MediShield Life; lower if they receive Premium Subsidies.   

13.    For those who cannot afford their premiums even after subsidies, there will be Additional Premium Support.  No one will lose MediShield Life coverage because of the inability to afford premiums.

14.    Please refer here for a list of Frequently Asked Questions.


27 APRIL 2015

Singapore Residents refer to Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents.
[2] For Singapore Citizens who experience an increase in MediShield Life premiums after subsidies.