MOH suspends Phoenix Dental Surgery Clinics from the Community Health Assist Scheme

    MOH will be suspending two dental clinics, Phoenix Dental Surgery clinics at Ang Mo Kio and at Marine Parade, from participating in the Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) from 8 July 2016. This is the first case of suspension from CHAS.

2    Audits by MOH have revealed that both clinics have continuously made claims that are non-compliant with MOH rules and guidelines.  This includes a number of claims for procedures which, based on the audit findings, were not performed. The two clinics were informed of these audit findings in May 2016.

3    MOH takes a serious view of such errant practices. Thus, MOH will be suspending the two clinics’ participation in CHAS, and has also referred the matter to the Police for investigation into possible criminal offences.

4    MOH will review the situation, taking into consideration the status of the Police investigations, before considering if the clinics can resume their participation in CHAS. The clinics will also need to satisfy MOH that they have taken all steps to rectify all past non-compliances and are able to ensure future compliance with the rules specified in the CHAS agreement signed by participating clinics, as well as prevailing MOH guidelines and circulars on CHAS.

5    Dentists at the Phoenix Dental Surgery clinics can continue to practise as dentists in accordance with their registration with the Singapore Dental Council. However, treatments performed by dentists at these clinics during the period of suspension will not be eligible for CHAS subsidy.

6    MOH has directed the Phoenix Dental Surgery clinics to inform their CHAS and Pioneer Generation patients that they will no longer be able to benefit from CHAS subsidy for dental treatments carried out at their clinics with effect from 8 July 2016. These patients can continue to benefit from CHAS subsidies if they visit any of the other CHAS dental clinics. There are currently more than 600 CHAS dental clinics.  They may find out the location of CHAS dental clinics through the “Clinic Locator” on the CHAS website ( They can also call the CHAS hotline (1800-275-2427).

7    Audits on MOH schemes, such as CHAS and Medisave, are regularly conducted to ensure that the claims submitted comply with approved uses, rules and guidelines. The vast majority of participating clinics are compliant. MOH will not hesitate to take action against errant clinics.  This could include recovery of monies claimed by such clinics, suspension or termination of accreditation or participation status, and where appropriate, referral to the appropriate authorities including the Police, for further investigation.

8    CHAS and Pioneer Generation cardholders who wish to check the CHAS subsidies that clinics have claimed for them may do so by logging in to the “MY CHAS” module on the CHAS website ( or by calling the CHAS hotline (1800-275-2427). If they come across any suspicious or unusual claims, they can contact MOH.

22 JUNE 2016

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