Speech by Mrs Tan Ching Yee, Permanent Secretary for Health, at the Singapore National Stroke Association Charity Gala, 11 October 2014

Dr Deidre de Silva, President of the Singapore National Stroke Association

Distinguished Guests

Ladies and Gentlemen

Good afternoon. It gives me great pleasure to be here today at the Singapore National Stroke Association’s Charity Gala.

2.         Singaporeans are living longer and better these days.   However, as we look ahead, we will need to deal with the challenges brought on by ageing and lifestyle changes, which bring in their wake, chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension. 

3.         Stroke, which is linked to risk factors such as cigarette smoking and hypertension, continues to be a significant cause of death and disability in Singapore. In 2011, stroke was the fourth highest cause of death, accounting for 9.0 per cent of total deaths in Singapore. However, today's stroke patients are also more likely to survive a stroke, thanks to advancements in hospital care and stroke treatment. 

4       For our stroke patients, receiving the best treatment in hospital is an important first step.  After that, it is equally important to give them as much support as possible to regain their functions through rehabilitation so that they can re-integrate into their living environment and resume normalcy in their daily living. 

5.         I am pleased to share that the Singapore National Stroke Association, in collaboration with NTUC Health, is launching a new initiative called LIFE After Stroke, which aims to equip stroke survivors with skills to cope with their condition.  This programme allows them to Learn, Interact, Flourish and Engage, or LIFE for short. This is an example of the good work done by the SNSA as they strive to support stroke survivors and their caregivers.

6.         After watching this documentary about the journeys of stroke survivors, let us reflect on the challenges of living with the consequences of stroke, and also be inspired by their courage and perseverance.  Let us work together to support stroke survivors and their families.

7.         I hope you will find meaning in this.  Have an enjoyable weekend ahead. Thank you.


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