Speech By Dr Amy Khor, Senior Minister Of State, Ministry Of Health At The Opening Ceremony Of The ASEAN Maritime Silk Road Trip Of TCM At Singapore Chung Hwa Medical Institution on 20 Jun










Now let me say a few words in English.  

Counsellor Song Dezheng, Embassy of the People’s Republic of China

Vice President Fang Jiping, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences

President Teo Eng Kiat, Singapore Chinese Physicians' Association

Distinguished Guests, a very good morning to everyone!

It is my pleasure to join you in the opening ceremony of the ASEAN Maritime Silk Road Trip of TCM, jointly hosted by China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences and Singapore Chinese Physicians' Association. I hereby extend my cordial greetings to everyone!  

Traditional Chinese Medicine has always had a positive role in the prevention and treatment of diseases. TCM has been widely used by the general public and the Government recognises the contributions of TCM.  In Nov 2000, the Singapore Parliament passed the Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners Act 2000, which established the legal status of TCM. The Ministry of Health also set up the Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners Board to regulate and manage matters relating to TCM.

The Singapore Chinese Physicians' Association has been playing a critical role in the development of TCM in Singapore. Through MOH’s initiative to encourage scientific research in TCM, the Association has been actively collaborating with local universities and hospitals to carry out several research projects. Singapore can rely on her advantages of linguistic and cultural backgrounds, advanced research infrastructure, and superior clinical research standards, to promote the development of the TCM industry.

There has been a long standing exchange between China and Singapore in the development of TCM as a result of our close relations due to history, geography and ethnic origin.  Singapore’s Ministry of Health has also placed much emphasis on cooperating with China in the field of TCM. As early as 1999, both countries had signed a cooperation agreement to further strengthen exchanges and cooperation in the field of TCM research, education and management.

Through this two-day event comprising a series of talks and exhibitions, the latest information and achievements in TCM can be exchanged and new avenues of cooperation can be explored.  This would help to further increase awareness and application of TCM in Singapore and the region and bodes well for the development of TCM.

I wish this event a great success!

Thank you!

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