Experience ManagerMinister for Health Mr Gan Kim Yong and Senior Minister of State for Health Dr Lam Pin Min to attend the 71st World Health Assemblynoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Doctors - Leading the Way to Better Healthnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Industry Transformation Map for a Future-Ready Healthcare Systemnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Launches First Regulatory Sandbox to Support Development of Telemedicinenoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Consultation on Proposed Amendments to the Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners Actnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Chief Dental Officer in Ministry of Healthnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Whole of Nation Approach to Prevent The Spread of TBnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 of health and social services to support seniorsnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 900 General Practitioner Clinics Open During Lunar New Year Holidaysnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Consultation on Standardised Packaging and Enlarged Graphic Health Warnings for Tobacco Productsnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 of the Tobacco (Control of Advertisements and Sale) Amendment Act 2017noemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Care Networks for Better Patient Care in the Communitynoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Consultation on New Healthcare Services Billnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 additional sites for anonymous HIV testing from July 2014 noemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Minister of State for Health Dr Lam Pin Min to attend Universal Health Coverage Forum 2017noemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 of Health and Health Promotion Board Urge At-Risk Groups to go for Regular HIV Testingnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Continues to Provide Safety Net for Needy Singaporeans' Healthcare Needsnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 of Health Studying Measures to Better Support Persons with Pre-Diabetesnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 of National Strategic Action Plan on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)noemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 establishes National Adult Immunisation Schedule; Extends use of Medisave for Vaccines under the Schedulenoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Tan Chorh Chuan To Take On New Roles At The Ministry of Healthnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 for Health Mr Gan Kim Yong to attend 13th ASEAN Health Ministers Meeting (AHMM), 7th ASEAN Plus Three Health Ministers Meeting (APTHMM) and 6th ASEAN – China Health Ministers Meeting (A-CHMM) in Brunei Darussalamnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Singapore Residents to Enjoy Universal Coverage under MediShield Life, with No Exclusionsnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 case of Diphtheria in Singaporenoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Display of tobacco products to be banned from 1 August 2017noemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 progress made in the implementation of NurtureSG recommendationsnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 updates Table of Surgical Procedures to keep pace with medical developmentsnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Nurses Recognised with Nurses’ Merit Awardnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 For Care Effectiveness To Release Appropriate Care Guides In Support Of War On Diabetesnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Consultation on Proposed Amendments to the Tobacco (Control of Advertisements and Sale) Actnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Lam Pin Min to host NurtureSG Facebook Chatnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Launch of SG50 Seniors Package - More Goodies for Seniors to Stay Active and Live Wellnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Advisory Notices to be distributed at Airportsnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 of Public Consultation on Proposed Amendments to the Voluntary Sterilization Act (VSA) noemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01The Voluntary Sterilization Act (VSA)1 was enacted in 1970 to protect the rights of individuals who wish to elect for the sterilization procedures in authorised healthcare establishments. It was introduced then for the purpose of family planning. Consultation on Home Care Guidelines and Centre-based Care Guidelinesnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 of SG50 Healthcare Commemorative Book and the Ministry of Health Long Service Awardsnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 to enhance MediShield Coveragenoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01As part of its regular review to ensure the effectiveness of the MediShield scheme, the Ministry of Health (MOH) will be introducing a number of measures to enhance MediShield coverage. Publication of 'Total Operation Fees' to include fees in Private Hospitalsnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 more Dementia-Friendly Communities in Singaporenoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Singaporean, One Family Doctornoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 for Health to attend the Inaugural G20 Health Ministers’ Meeting and 70th World Health Assemblynoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 to Competition Commission of Singapore's Recommendations on Formula Milknoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 of suspension of CHAS participation for three medical clinicsnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 of Medisave Accreditation of Three Dentistsnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Primary Care Networks for Better Care in the Communitynoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 to end Tuberculosisnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 900 Clinics Open During Lunar New Year Holidaysnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 of healthcare system into three integrated clusters to better meet future healthcare needsnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Review Committee to launch series of public consultationsnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Activity, Nutrition, Mental Wellbeing and Sleep Identified as Key Concerns for Children and Youthnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 PAssion Silver Concession Card for Seniors to Stay Active and Engaged in the Communitynoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Population Health Survey 2016/17noemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 of Health organises roadshow to strengthen public’s understanding on MediShield Lifenoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 assistance ensures accessible healthcare for needy Singaporeansnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Commemorates World Diabetes Day 2016noemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 man passes away from denguenoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 appoints ElderShield Review Committeenoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 accepts recommendations of MediShield Life Council on implementation of MSHL for overseas Singaporeansnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Opening of Pearl’s Hill Care Homenoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Community Spread Of Zika Virus Infection With More Cases Confirmednoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Zika Cluster at Bedok North Ave 3 and First Case of Pregnant Woman Tested Positivenoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 MOH-NEA statement (2 Sep)noemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 MOH-NEA statement (1 Sep)noemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 AND CLINICAL ADVISORY GROUP ON ZIKA AND PREGNANCY PROVIDE GUIDELINES FOR PREGNANT WOMENnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 MOH-NEA statement (30 Aug)noemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 MOH-NEA media statement (29 Aug)noemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Case of Locally Transmitted Zika Virus Infectionnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Sing Restaurant And Pow Sing Kitchen Suspension To Be Lifted Today After Meeting Required Standardsnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01's Award for Nurses 2016noemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Enhances Tobacco Control Measuresnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 of PSC Mid-Term Scholarships for Medicine and Dentistrynoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Number of Suspected Leptospirosis Cases in Dogsnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Nurses Honoured with Nurses’ Merit Awardnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Woman Passes Away from Denguenoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Sing Restaurant Suspended for Links to Outbreak of Gastroenteritisnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 cases of allergic reactions linked to consumption of GOSnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 On Strengthening Outbreak Detection And Response Completes Its Reviewnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Of Block 203 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 Receive Results Of On-Site Tuberculosis Screeningnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 suspends Phoenix Dental Surgery Clinics from the Community Health Assist Schemenoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Tuberculosis Screening For Residents Of Block 203 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3noemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Man Passes Away from Denguenoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Urged To Get Their Children Vaccinated Against Measlesnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Case of Zika Virus Infection in Singaporenoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01"Learn for Fun, Learn for Life" at the National Silver Academynoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Park Bakery Suspended for Lapsesnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Temperatures Experienced in Past Few Daysnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Taskforce Launches Public Consultationnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 of Inter-Agency Taskforce to Enhance Health Outcomes Among Our Youngnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 of Registration for Radiographers and Radiation Therapistsnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 initiatives to enable Singaporeans to age confidentlynoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 to the Healthcare Professional Conversion Programmenoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Man Passes Away From Denguenoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Measures Against Zika Virusnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Seniors Package Warmly Received by Seniorsnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Integrated Nursing Scholarship For Top ‘O’-Level Studentsnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Requirements Lifted For Nationals From Guinea Entering Singaporenoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Requirements Lifted For Nationals From Sierra Leone Entering Singaporenoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 of the National Social Work Competency Frameworknoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Million Singapore Residents will Benefit from MediShield Life from 1 November 2015noemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 of State (Health) Dr Lam Pin Min to attend the 66th World Health Organisation (WHO) Western Pacific Regional Committee Meeting (RCM) noemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 to Media Queries on Hepatitis C Cluster in Singapore General Hospitalnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Ministry of Health Convenes Independent Review Committee on Hepatitis C Cluster in Singapore General Hospitalnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Woman Passes Away From Denguenoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Teng Fong General Hospital to Take in SCDF Emergency Cases Starting 3 Sept 2015noemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 of cases of Group B Streptococcus infections downnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Seniors Package Sees Good Participation Among Seniors In First Two Months Since Its Launchnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01’s Award for Nurses 2015noemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Workplace Health Programme for Bus Captainsnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Nurses Honoured at Nurses’ Merit Awards 2015noemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Additional Withdrawal Limits to help Integrated Shield Policyholders pay for premiums using Medisavenoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Your Household Information by 19 June to Help Ensure Correct Premium Subsidy Calculationnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 UPDATE ON THE MERS SITUATION IN SOUTH KOREAnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 of Visa Requirements for Nationals from Liberianoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 OF HEALTH’S 2014 PATIENT SATISFACTION SURVEY SHOWS HIGHER SATISFACTION WITH PUBLIC HEALTHCARE INSTITUTIONS noemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 appoints operator for two nursing homes at Geylang East Central and Chai Chee Streetnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Care And Home Care Guidelines to Provide Better Care for Seniorsnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 of Outpatient Flexi-Medisave for the Elderly from 1 April 2015noemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 TO DISMISSAL OF TTSH STAFFnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Allied Health Degree Programmes at Singapore Institute of Technology to Meet Evolving Healthcare Needs of Singaporeans noemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 of New Chief Nursing Officer in Ministry of Healthnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 REQUIREMENT FOR WEST AFRICAN COUNTRIES AFFECTED BY EBOLAnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 WOMAN PASSES AWAY FROM DENGUE noemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 OF LICENSING TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR LIPOSUCTION SERVICESnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 of Medifund to more healthcare services sees more receiving aidnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Press Statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Health, 21 October 2014noemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Screening Measures Against Ebola to be Put In Place by MOHnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 for Health to attend the 65th session of the World Health Organisation (WHO) Western Pacific Regional Committee Meeting (RCM), 12-14 Oct 2014noemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Contributes Ebola Aid Package to WHOnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 to Publish Data on Total Operation Fees for Common Procedures to Give More Information to Help Patients and Familiesnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01’s Response to World Health Organisation’s (WHO) Reportnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01's Statement on Delay in Ng Teng Fong General Hospital's Opening noemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01’s response to WHO's declaration of PHEICnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Precautionary Measures for Ebolanoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01’s Award for Nurses 2014noemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 OF HEALTH WELCOMES THE RECOMMENDATIONS OF THE REVIEW COMMITTEE (FOR DISCIPLINARY PROCESSES) noemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 MAN PASSES AWAY FROM DENGUEnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 HEALTHCARE INSTITUTIONS HAVE MET THE EXPECTATIONS OF PATIENTS IN 2013 PATIENT SATISFACTION SURVEYnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 accepts recommendations of MediShield Life Review Committee; announces $4 billion in subsidies and support for MediShield Life premiumsnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Generation Disability Assistance Scheme to commence in September 2014noemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 welcomes recommendations by MediShield Life Review Committee; commits support for MediShield Life premiumsnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 HEALTH ASSIST SCHEME (CHAS) SUBSIDY FOR THE PIONEER GENERATIONnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Minister of State for Health to Attend the 67th World Health Assembly, 18 to 21 May 2014noemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Measure for Early Detection of MERS-CoVnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 precautionary measure against MERS-CoVnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 vigilance against MERS-CoVnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01's response to NTUC's recommendationsnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 taskforce set up to look into the communications and outreach for the Pioneer Generation Packagenoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 vigilance against avian influenza A/H7N9noemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 TRIBUTE TO OUR PIONEERS! PIONEER GENERATION PACKAGE TO RECOGNISE THE CONTRIBUTIONS OF OUR PIONEERSnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 responds to MediShield Life Review Committee’s preliminary observationsnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Briefing by the MediShield Life Review Committee noemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 vigilance against avian influenza A/H7N9noemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Nursing Home Standards to Provide Better Care for Seniorsnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 WOMAN PASSES AWAY FROM DENGUE noemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 and HPB Urge At-risk Groups to go for Regular Testingnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 OF NEW DIRECTOR OF MEDICAL SERVICESnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 dengue death in Singaporenoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 needy and elderly patients receive aid through Medifundnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 OF MEDISHIELD LIFE REVIEW COMMITTEEnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 subsidy scheme to cease with the end of dry seasonnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Minister to attend the 64th session of the World Health Organisation (WHO) Western Pacific Regional Committee Meeting (RCM), 21-22 Oct 2013noemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 of Influenza Cases at Childcare Centrenoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 dengue death in Singaporenoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Minister in Japan to study ways to address needs of ageing populationnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 in Medisave withdrawal limits for premiumsnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 BY MR GAN KIM YONG, MINISTER FOR HEALTH, AT THE GROUNDBREAKING CEREMONY FOR YISHUN COMMUNITY HOSPITAL ON 23 AUGUST 2013,noemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 by Minister for Health, Mr Gan Kim Yong, at the Opening Ceremony of the 9th Singapore International Congress of O&G 2013, at Raffles City Convention Centre, on 22 August 2013noemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 dengue death in Singaporenoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Plans for Integrated Development in Woodlands Unveiled to Better Address Community Needsnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01's Award for Nurses 2013noemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 by Minister for Health, Mr Gan Kim Yong, at the Opening Ceremony of the International Conference on Big Data and Analytics in Healthcare, 9 July 2013noemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Dengue Death in Singaporenoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Singapore Conversation on Healthcarenoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 vigilance needed against dengue with first dengue death casenoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Minister to attend the 66th World Health Assembly, 19-23 May 2013noemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Signs Fifth Plan of Cooperation in Traditional Chinese Medicine with the People's Republic of China's State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing noemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 statement on first confirmed H7N9 case in Taiwannoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 of Public Consultation Exercise on Healthy Living Master Plannoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 of Health closely monitoring the influenza A (H7N9) situationnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Reaches More Needy And Elderly Patientsnoemail@noemail.orgadmin CEO for Health Promotion Board (HPB)noemail@noemail.orgadmin Cluster Tripartite Workgroup to Boost Career and Wage Progression for Healthcare Support Staffnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 Minister to attend the Global Health Policy Summit, 30 July – 1 August 2012noemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01’s Award for Nurses 2012noemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01Three outstanding and exemplary nurses will receive the President’s Award for Nurses from President Tony Tan Keng Yam at the Nurses Day Istana Reception on 24 July 2012. Into its thirteenth year, the award is the national accolade for the nursing profession.