MediShield Life provides lifelong protection for all Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents. As part of collective responsibility, every Singapore Citizen and Permanent Resident will need to play their part in paying their MediShield Life premiums in a timely fashion, to ensure that the MediShield Life Fund can meet its commitments to all its members. 

Using MediSave to pay MediShield Life premiums for yourself and your loved ones

MediSave may be used to pay MediShield Life premiums in full, to minimise cash payment. You can also use your MediSave to help cover the premiums of your immediate family members. 

The CPF Board has put in place measures to help Singaporeans and Permanent Residents use their MediSave to cover their premium payments. These include: 

a.      Keeping Medisave contributions current 
The CPF Board has in place arrangements with various government agencies to ensure that employers, employees and self-employed persons contribute to their MediSave regularly, as required.

b.      Supporting switch of payment to other family members’ MediSave accounts 
If you or a family member has insufficient MediSave savings, your immediate family members such as parents or spouse can help pay for the premiums with their MediSave. The new payer will be informed in writing before any deduction is made, and may review the arrangement at any time.

If you wish to help pay your loved one's MediShield Life premiums, please submit your application here (SingPass login required). CPF Board will update the new payer when the request has been processed.

c.      Regular reminder letters to top up your MediSave account and to pay MediShield Life premiums.

Topping up your MediSave 

You can top up your MediSave account to pay the premiums via E-Payment.

Find out more here

Late Payment / Non-Payment of MediShield Life Premiums

The Government will provide strong support through a range of premium subsidies to help you pay your MediShield Life premiums. If you cannot afford your premiums even after the above support measures, Additional Premium Support is available. 

However, for those who have the means but choose not to pay their MediShield Life premiums despite the multiple notices and reminders, penalties and a strong set of premium recovery measures will be imposed to ensure that debts will not be unfairly shouldered by those who have paid their share responsibly.

The penalty and premium recovery measures take reference from those for income tax.

a.      Penalties
Penalties, not exceeding 17%, will be imposed on outstanding premiums. In addition, those who persistently delay premium payment may have to pay back the interest lost to the MediShield Life Fund.

b.      Premium Recovery Measures
For those who still refuse to pay despite multiple reminders and imposition of penalties, premium recovery measures will be imposed, such as:

(i)    Appointment of defaulter’s agents (such as the defaulter’s employers, banks and tenants) to recover the outstanding premiums

(ii)    Offsetting outstanding premiums against one-off Government surplus-sharing transfers (e.g. Growth Dividends)

(iii)    Recovery from CPF monies that are withdrawn in cash

(iv)    Imposition of travel restrictions in certain circumstances

(v)    Legal action to recover the arrears

(vi)    Recovery from the defaulter’s hospitalisation claim payout

The Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) and the CPF Board will be appointed as recovery bodies responsible for imposing premium recovery measures on those who have been identified to be wilful defaulters.