Historical Transacted Bill Sizes and Fee Benchmarks

09 May 2023

What you should know


What is the typical TOTAL charge for this treatment?

50% of patients are charged a total bill of below:
Your Total Bill would typically consist of doctor's attendance fee, ward charges, medication, tests etc.

MOH, with the advice from the Fee Benchmark Advisory Committee, recommends that the ranges of doctors’ fees for the following are:

Doctors’ fees for the operation**
Surgeon fee
Anaesthetist fee* Fee Benchmark is currently not available

Do have a discussion with your doctor if you have questions on your treatment plan, available alternatives, or the charges for your procedure. If in doubt, you may wish to approach your referring doctor for advice.

Fee ranges exclude GST.

**Considered reasonable based on transacted fees of past Singapore Citizen cases and other factors such as complexity of the procedure.

Learn more: Fee Benchmarks for Private Sector Charges

Download Full list of Fee Benchmarks for Surgeon and Anaesthetist Fees (for surgeries) [pdf]


Based on the historical transacted fees, what is the typical total bill and its components?

50% of patients are charged below: