COVID-19 Patient's Isolation Journey*

Day 1 to 8

Notification of positive COVID-19 swab test result.

You will be contacted by MOH to arrange for conveyance to a healthcare facility for further management.

Things to bring along for your stay include:

a) NRIC or passport
b) Handphone — please ensure that you’ve uploaded your TraceTogether Bluetooth proximity data as soon as you have received instructions to do so. If you use the physical TraceTogether Token, please bring it to the healthcare facility too.
c) TT Token (if you have one)
d) Required electronic device(s) e.g. laptop and respective chargers
e) One week's worth of clothing
f) Personal toiletries
g) Any medications you are currently on (~1 months’ worth of chronic medicine supply if applicable)

Please refer to the following link for more information on what to do while waiting for conveyance:

If you are a traveller or have just returned from overseas, and have received any vaccinations overseas belonging to the list of PSAR vaccines locally or WHO EUL list of vaccines, please do let the MOH officer know when you have been contacted or you could inform the healthcare facility as well.

Allocation of the healthcare facility, this could be a hospital or community care facility, depends on your medical condition and assessment by the medical team.

Throughout your stay at the healthcare facility, you will go through routine testing based on an established protocol. The test requirements may include both swab and blood tests.

If you have a SingPass account, you can view your swab results through the HealthHub app or website

On admission into a Community Care Facility, you will be issued an isolation order. The isolation order is a blanket period of up to 21 days for non-vaccinated patients and up to 14 days for vaccinated patients.

The isolation order will be rescinded if you qualify for discharge before the end date. If you do not qualify for discharge after 21 days, it may be extended in 7-day blocks.

Patients who were admitted into a hospital will follow the medical treatment as decided by the hospital medical team.

Review  for discharge - Fully Vaccinated Patients

(Day 6 to Day 10)

Fully Vaccinated Patients

Fully vaccinated* patients will undergo a swab test at Day 6 and may be discharged if you have a COVID negative or only have very low levels of the virus detected, subject to medical assessment. For the remaining fully vaccinated^ patients, they may be discharged on Day 10 without need for further swab if they are clinically well.

^A person is considered fully vaccinated after 14 days have elapsed from the time they received their second dose of the Pandemic Special Access Route-authorised mRNA vaccines under the National Vaccination Programme (e.g. Pfizer-BioNTech/Comirnaty and Moderna)

Review for discharge - Non-Fully Vaccinated Patients

(from Day 14)

Non-Fully Vaccinated Patients

From Day 14,  patients will receive a swab test every other day to assess if they are no longer infectious. If you receive a negative result or two consecutive results indicating only low levels of the virus, you will be considered for discharge after medical assessment.

After discharge

All discharged patients must serve a 7-day Leave of Absence (LOA).

More information regarding leave of absence can be found at the following link:

* Discharge eligibility is still subject to medical assessment as it differs from person to person, and discharge criteria may change over time.