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Frequently asked questions on COVID-19 related issues.

Last Updated on 25 Sep 2021

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Q1: Who is eligible for Home Recovery?

To ensure that hospital beds to go those who need it most, Home Recovery is the default mode of recovery for fully vaccinated individuals, who are:

     - Aged 12 – 69 years old
     - Have mild or no symptoms
     - Have no severe co-morbidities or illness
     - Household members should not include elderly (more than 80 years old) or individuals in the vulnerable group (e.g. pregnant individuals, with weakened immune response or with multiple comorbidities)
     - Able to self-isolate in a room, preferably with an attached bathroom

Q2: I have been informed my PCR test for COVID is positive. No one has contacted me yet to start home recovery or to recover at CCF. What should I do while waiting?

As cases on certain days are particularly high, you may experience delays on certain days and we seek your patience and understanding. We are streamlining our operations and will get to you as soon as possible.

In the meantime, please isolate yourself in a room in your home, preferably have an attached toilet, wear a mask if you have to come out of the room. If you are not feeling well, you can call the list of telemedicine providers (

You will be receiving an SMS providing more information on what you should do during Home Recovery. Try not to call quarantine hotline, MOH hotline, QSM hotline etc – this will just further jam up the system. We are setting up the Home Recovery buddy system and beefing up our resources, and the Home Recovery buddy will get back to you. 

Ask your household members to self-register for a eQO:

You will also be issued an Isolation Order for 10 days.

Q3: I have yet to receive my home care pack, who should I inform?

Home care pack is only delivered to you if you don’t have an oximeter at home. Call your Home Recovery buddy. The key item is the oximeter to monitor the oxygen level in your blood. We will deliver it to you using contactless delivery, no different from when you are ordering food delivery. 

Q4: I’m under eQO and household members are not allowed to leave home. How can I get my food, groceries or medical supplies (including children medication)?

Try to order groceries and food that can be delivered to your home. If not, will have to get help from your relatives, family members and friends. As for medicine, access the 24/7 telemedicine service. If you need medication, it will be sent to you.

Q5: How can I keep my household members safe if I need to collect meals, have laundry changed or clear trash?

If you really do need to step out of the room to do these tasks, ensure no one from the household is near the doorway to your room. Put on a surgical mask before opening the door, complete your task and return back to your room quickly.

Q6: I am running out of ART test kits for myself and my household members under home quarantine. Who can I contact for more ART test kits?

There is no need to take ART tests if you are on Home Recovery. If you are on QO, ART kits are given to you when you go through your quarantine entry swab at the clinic or test centre.

There is sufficient nationwide stock of ART kits. However, it will take a few days for the stock to be distributed to the various shops. Please wait for a few days before going back to the shops to check. Or arrange for friends, relatives to obtain from shops and delivered to you.

Q7: Where do I upload my oximeter test results while on Home Recovery?

Maintain a daily regimen of monitoring your temperature, pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation. You can submit the readings to the Home Recovery Vitals Diary every day by 10am at

Q8: I developed some symptoms. What should I do?

If you feel unwell or experience worsening of any of the following symptoms, contact your designated telemedicine provider. They will guide you on what to do.
     - Fever
     - Acute respiratory symptoms such as cough, sore throat, runny nose, headache
     - Muscle ache or tiredness
     - Diarrhoea

Q9: When can I be discharged from Home Recovery?

No discharge memo is needed. If you are feeling well, you are discharged on Day 10 of illness. There is no need for further PCR tests because vaccinated individuals are extremely unlikely to be infectious by this time.

On Public Health Preparedness Clinic (PHPC) Scheme

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The Ministry of Health (MOH) has re-activated the Public Health Preparedness Clinics (PHPCs) to focus our primary care efforts to better detect and manage COVID-19 infections.  Please click here for more information from the press release.

PHPCs, as well as polyclinics, will provide special subsidies for Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents diagnosed with acute respiratory infections (e.g. cough, sore throat, runny nose).  Please click here to find a PHPC located near you.  

You may also refer to this link for the FAQs on the PHPC Scheme.

FAQs for various sectors (e.g. Manpower, Education, Tourism)

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Various ministries and agencies have sector specific FAQs on the COVID-19 situation:

- For Built Environment Sector: Building and Construction Authority (BCA)
- For Education Sector: Ministry of Education (MOE)
- For Employers and Employees: Ministry of Manpower (MOM)
- For Social Service Sector: Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF)
- For Tourism Sector: Singapore Tourism Board (STB)

Additional FAQ for Businesses and other sectors may be found here.