• Stay Home Notice
  • Leave of Absence

Stay Home Notice

You will be issued a Stay-Home Notice (SHN) if you are a traveller who is granted entry into Singapore. This is done as a precautionary measure to minimise the risk of additional imported COVID-19 cases.

What to do when you are issued a SHN

When serving your SHN, you are not allowed to leave your place of residence or SHN-Dedicated Facility (SDF). Click here for more details about SHN.

Mandatory swab test while serving SHN

You will be tested for COVID-19 near the end of your SHN period, so as to ensure that you are of no risk to the public’s health. The swab test is arranged by appointment only, and is conducted at designated testing sites. To arrange transportation, please refer to the MOH Health Advisory for Persons Issued Stay-Home Notice.

After the test, you will receive the test results within 1 – 4 days via SMS. If you have a SingPass account, you can also check the results by logging in to their HealthHub page.

Leave of Absence

You may be asked to go on Leave of Absence (LOA) by public agencies as a precautionary measure.

What should you do when you are on LOA?

While on LOA, you should remain in your residence as much as possible. You should minimise social contact and monitor your health closely. Please seek medical attention immediately if you begin to feel unwell.

You may leave your residences for daily necessities or to attend important matters, but you must minimise the time spent in public spaces and contact with others. You should also avoid crowded places and refrain from attending social or public gatherings.

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