Updated as of 18 Jun 21

Latest Update on Multi-Ministry Taskforce (MTF) Announcement on 18 Jun 21

The Multi-Ministry Taskforce (MTF) had announced changes on 18 Jun 21. Here is a summary of the changes you can expect to see. Please refer to the press release for full details.

Phase 3 (Heightened Alert), from 21 Jun 21

Increase in Social Gathering Group Size

- From 2 to 5 persons

- From 2 to 5 distinct vistors per household per day

- No more than 2 social gatherings per day

Increase in Event Size and Capacity Limit

- Operating capacity from 25% to 50%
for attractions, museums, public libraries and some cruises

- Event size limits increase for cinemas, MICE, live performances, spectator sport events, marriage solemnisations, congregational and other worship activities
(PET remains an essential measure)

Resumption of Personal Services without Masks

- Personal care and appearance services which require masks to be removed (e.g. facials, saunas) will be allowed to resume

Phase 3 (Hightened Alert), from 21 Jun 21

If situation remains under control in the coming weeks

Resumption of Dining in at F&B

- Allowed to resume#

- No more than 2 persons

- 1 metre safe distancing between groups

- Mask on at all times, except when eating or drinking

Wedding Receptions

- Allowed to resume from mid-July#

- Up to 100 attendees

- PET remains an essential measure

Live Performances

- Allowed to resume#

- Unmasking and singing/playing of wind instruments allowed

- Subjected to Safe Management Measure (SMM)

- More from NAC

Gyms, Fitness Studios, and Mask-off Sports Activities

- Allowed to resume#

- At least 2 metres between persons and at least 3 metres between groups

- Max 30 persons for indoor and outdoor sports classes (in groups of up to 5 pax for mask-on activities and outdoor mask-off activities; in groups of up to 2 pax for indoor mask-off activities)

- More from SportSG

In-person Tuition and Enrichment Classes

- Allowed to resume#

- Up to 50 persons per class in groups of up to 5 pax with enhanced Safe Management Measures (Aged 18 and below)

- More from MOE

- More details from NAC for singing and wind instruments classes

#If situation remains under control in the coming weeks

Other Key Changes

Work-from-home Arrangement

- Work-from-home (WFH) remains default

-Employers to ensure those who are able to WFH continue to do so

-Stagger start times of employees who need to return to workplace

- Implement flexible working hours

- No cross-deployment of workers to multiple worksites

Regular Fast and Easy Testing (FET) Regime for Staff Involved in Higher-Risk Mask-off Activities

- All staff at setting with unmasked clients/patrons^ to be placed on a FET regime

- Antigen Rapid Test (ART) regardless of vaccination status

^For dine-in F&B establishments, facial services, saunas, make-up services, gyms and fitness studios

Sale of Antigen Rapid Test (ART) Self-Test Kits at Retail Pharmacies

- ART self-test kits to go on sale from 16 Jun 21 onwards

- Available at Guardian, Watsons, and Unity retail pharmacies

- To ensure adequate supplies for all, sales will be limited to 10 ART kits per person

Continued Acceleration of Vaccination Programme

- Extending vaccination programme to Singapore Citizens aged 12 to 39 years

- Bookings commence from 11 Jun 2021 on vaccine.gov.sg

- SMS to book vaccine appointment may take up to 2 weeks due to vaccine supplies

- Those who had registered interest earlier do not need to re-register.

Please refer to the press release for full details.