COVID-19 Statistics

24 Aug 2023


In line with the transition to DORSCON Green, key COVID-19 Statistics will be consolidated on the COVID-19 Statistics page and updated on a weekly basis from 13 February 2023, to align with reporting for other endemic infectious diseases in the Weekly Infectious Diseases Bulletin.

Number of COVID-19 infections by Epi-week

As of Epi-week 7, number of COVID-19 infections are estimated based on the National ARI Surveillance Programme. Estimated number of infections for recent Epi-weeks may be subject to revision as more data is available.

Average daily hospitalised / ICU cases by Epi-week



Progress of COVID-19 vaccination

Vaccination Status by Age Group

Number of new COVID-19 hospitalisations / ICU admissions by Epi-week

Hospital Admissions

ICU Admissions

Average Daily Adult ICU Bed Utilisation by Epi-week

Number of COVID-19 deaths by month

Death statistics for each month will be available the next month.