COVID-19 Statistics

08 Feb 2024

Number of COVID-19 infections by Epi-week

As of Epi-week 7 2023, number of COVID-19 infections are estimated based on the National ARI Surveillance Programme. Estimated number of infections for recent Epi-weeks may be subject to revision as more data is available.

Average daily hospitalised / ICU cases by Epi-week



Healthcare utilisation indicators such as hospitalised and ICU cases typically lag behind the estimated weekly number of infections. This is due to the time taken for symptoms to develop in COVID-19 patients.

Progress of COVID-19 vaccination

Vaccination Status by Age Group

Number of new COVID-19 hospitalisations / ICU admissions by Epi-week

Hospital Admissions

ICU Admissions

Average Daily Adult ICU Bed Utilisation by Epi-week

Number of COVID-19 deaths by month