MOH-Recognised Competent Authorities and Accreditation Bodies for COVID-19 Testing

The Ministry of Health (MOH), Singapore, currently only accepts PCR tests which have been administered by approved providers.

We accept COVID-19 test results from medical testing laboratories that are either:

1) Recognised to perform COVID-19 testing by their respective governments’ Competent Authorities (CAs)

a. MOH has identified CAs from countries/regions with high travel volume to Singapore in Table 1;

b. Where countries/regions are not listed in Table 1, travellers should seek advice from the country’s/region's Department of Health or Ministry of Health equivalent for approved COVID-19 PCR test providers; or

2) Accredited in the area of molecular microbiology (for PCR testing) or immunology (for serology testing), by the following list of recognised accreditation bodies in Table 2.

We do not accept self-administered PCR tests as pre-departure testing options for entry into Singapore.

Table 1



Competent Authority (CA)

Current list



Jawatankuasa Pasukan Khas Makmal Covid19

List here




KEMENKES, the Indonesian Ministry of Health

List here


Hong Kong

Department of Health

List here





The Testing Centre for Overseas Travellers (TeCOT) list of hospitals/clinics providing English test certificates can be found here


Republic of Korea

Korean Disease Control and Prevention Agency (KCDA)

1) List of test providers, click here (updated 16 Sep 2021)

2) Incheon Airport COVID-19 Testing Centre, click here



Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

List here




Health Facilities and Services Regulatory Bureau (HFSRB)

List here

For information on special travel lanes and their specific testing requirements, please check the Safe Travel Office website for updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Why is there only a selected list of countries/regions with Competent Authorities (CAs) identified?

Only countries/regions with higher inbound travel volumes into Singapore are listed. Travellers are advised to check with the country’s/region's Department of Health or Ministry of Health equivalent for approved COVID-19 PCR test providers if in doubt.

Q:What should I do if my country/region of departure is not on the list?

Travellers should check with the country/region of departure’s Department of Health or Ministry or Health equivalent for approved test providers to obtain the COVID-19 PCR test, prior to departure.

Q: [Updated 16 Nov] Are there any other requirements for my Pre-Departure Test (PDT)?

Please refer to the SafeTravel website for all prevailing entry requirements if you plan to travel to Singapore. Current requirements include, but are not limited to:

·       PDT must be taken within 2 days before departure.

·       PDT certificate must be in English.

·       PDT certificates are required to state the date that the test was taken, traveller/s name and either Date of Birth or Passport Number as stated in the passport.

Either professionally administered Antigen Rapid Test (ART) or Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) tests are accepted. Other tests such as serology results will not be accepted as PDT for entry into Singapore. Please click here for the pre-departure test requirement for the country or region from which you are departing.