27 Aug 2022

Low risk individuals with mild flu-like symptoms are encouraged to seek medical help via teleconsultation and utilise telemedicine and/or tele-ART. This may reduce the queue and crowding at clinics.

If you are feeling ill, you may seek care via a teleconsultation or tele-ART with a doctor through the telemedicine (TM) providers on this list.

Do note that these TM providers and private Paediatric Centres will charge for their services including consultation charges, ART services, medication and logistics. Please always check with/call your preferred clinic/provider to confirm the charges, availability and arrangement of appointments, medication delivery, and swab services where required.

Note: This listing is not intended for persons triaged under Protocol 1 under the COVID-19 Home Recovery Programme (HRP). If you are a COVID-19 patient on HRP, please refer to for more details.

With effect from 1 Jul 2022 0001hrs, full subsidy for telemedicine will cease for individuals triaged under Protocol 2. These will include individuals with mild symptoms and/or low medical risk and recovering from COVID-19 at home.