Public Consultation On MediShield Life 2020 Review

As part of an ongoing review of MediShield Life benefits and premiums, the MediShield Life Council is conducting a public consultation to seek views from the public on the preliminary recommendations and suggestions for enhancements to MediShield Life.

10 Oct 2020

MediShield Life is a basic health insurance plan launched in November 2015 to protect all Singapore Residents against large medical bills regardless of pre-existing conditions, for life.

The MediShield Life Council was appointed by the Minister for Health to provide recommendations on the policy and scheme parameters of MediShield Life, and to review its administration. This is the first major review of the scheme since its launch. The MediShield Life Council will like to gather views and feedback on the preliminary recommendations, and any suggestions for improvements to the scheme. The changes are expected to be implemented in early 2021.

As part of the review, MediShield Life premiums need to be adjusted to support the proposed benefit enhancements and keep pace with inflation and claims experience, as proposed by the actuary. The Government has committed about $2.2 billion for premium subsidies and support over the next three years to help Singapore Residents with their MediShield Life premiums, particularly in view of the impact of COVID-19 on Singapore Residents and the economy. With these support measures, the net premium increases for all Singapore Citizens will be kept to up to about 10% in the first year.

The public consultation is held from 6.00pm, 29 September 2020 to 6.00pm, 20 October 2020. All feedback can be submitted through:

  • Mailed to the following address: Quality Service, Ministry of Health, 16 College Road, College of Medicine Building, Singapore 169854, using the following feedback forms:   English   Chinese   Malay   Tamil 

Public Consultation Paper for the MediShield Life 2020 Review

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Press Release on MediShield Life 2020 Review Public Consultation

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Press Release on Premium Subsidies and Support to help Singapore Residents with MediShield Life Premium Adjustments

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