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HCSA Regulatory Forum

A. Ongoing Forums

Details on any ongoing forums in relation to the Healthcare Services Act (HCSA) will be published here. Please look out for more details here!

B. Past Forums

A.  HCSA Regulatory Forums with Medical and Dental Professionals

The regulatory forum was organised to provide medical and dental professionals with an overview of HCSA and a summary of the Outpatient Medical and Dental Service requirements under HCSA. The materials for the sessions can be found below.

 Forum  Date of Engagement  Material 
 HCSA Regulatory Forum with Medical Professionals  30 May 2023  - Presentation Slides
- Recording of Session
 HCSA Regulatory Forum with Dental Professionals  22 June 2023 - Presentation Slides
- Recording of Session 

B.  HCSA Regulatory Forums with Nursing Homes

As nursing homes will transit to the Healthcare Services Act (HCSA) by Dec 2023, briefing session on HCSA was organised to better help the sector to understand more about the HCSA requirements.

 ForumDate of Engagement Materials 
HCSA Briefing Session on Key Office Holders (KOHs) 14 Sep 2023- Presentation Slides
- Annex A: Code of Practice for KOHs
- Annex B: General Regulations FAQs
- Annex C: Tiering of Key Appointment Holders 
HCSA Regulatory Forum with the Nursing Home Community 2 Nov 2023- Presentation Slides
- Information Pack on the Various HCSA Licences
- Key Office Holder Infographic