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The key resources below aim to help all new and existing healthcare service providers obtain their licence(s) under the Healthcare Services Act (HCSA).

  • If you hold a HCSA licence, you will need to abide by the general HCSA requirements and respective service regulations.
  • If you hold a Private Hospitals and Medical Clinics Act (PHMCA) licence, you will need to continue abiding by these prevailing regulations.
  • If you hold both PHMCA and HCSA licences, you will need to abide by the requirements from each that pertain to your services.

Requirements for All HCSA Licensees

All these requirements will apply to HCSA Phase 1 licensees. Click here to see which HCSA Phase(s) your service(s) are in.

Name Resource
Healthcare Services Act
 Healthcare Services Act
(Amendment of Schedules) Order 
Healthcare Services (Appeals) Regulations 2022
Healthcare Services 
(General) Regulations

General Regulations
LCs on immunity against measles/diphtheria for workers in healthcare institutions
FAQs on immunity against measles/diphtheria for workers in healthcare institutions 
LCs on the retention period of patient health records
FAQs on the retention period of patient health records
Code of Practice for
Key Officeholders (COP for KOHs)
Code of Practice for KOHs
Healthcare Services (Fees) Regulations Fees Regulations
FAQs – pending 
Healthcare Services
(Advertisement) Regulations
Advertisement Regulations
(Advertisement – Exemption) Order
 Exemption OrderExemption Order
 Commencement NotificationHCSA Commencement Notification
 Savings and Transitional ProvisionsSavings and Transitional Provisions
HCSA Administration and Transition
Consultation Slides

* Licence Conditions (LCs) will be issued in due course.

Phase 1 Service RegulationsIf you provide/are planning to provide any of the HCSA Phase 1 services below, the respective Regulations and FAQs will apply to you. Click here to see the services in each HCSA Phase.

Phase 1 Service Resource
 Emergency Ambulance and
 Medical Transport
LCs on Emergency Ambulance Services
LCs on Medical Transport Services
 Blood Banking Regulations
LCs on Blood Banking*
 Clinical Laboratory and
Radiological Services
FAQs on Clinical Laboratory Services
FAQs on Radiological Services
   LCs on Clinical Laboratory Services

LCs for Transfusion Medicine and Specified Test:
Transfusion Medicine
Pre-Implantation Genetic Testing
Acid-Fast Bacilli (Smear) Testing
Glycated Haemoglobin (Haemoglobin A1c) Testing
Malaria Parasite Testing
SARS-CoV-2 Testing for COVID-19
Human Immunodeficiency Virus Screening
LCs on Radiological Services*
Nuclear Medicine Assay and
Nuclear Medicine Imaging
 LCs on Nuclear Medicine Assay Services*
LCs on Nuclear Medicine Imaging Services*
 Cord Blood Banking Regulations
LCs on Cord Blood Banking Services* 
* Licence Conditions (LCs) will be issued in due course.

More info about Phase 1 here!

Stay informed by using these infographics on key HCSA topics. Keep an eye out for more topics soon!

Topics Downloadable Attachment
 Transitioning from PHMCA to HCSA Image
 Code of Practice for Key OfficeholdersImage
Price TransparencyImage
Licence Fees

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