Tapping fellow brilliant minds

Dr Rosemary Khoo is in yellow jacket. Dr William Tan is at the first row, far right. Dr Wong Hee Ong is the third lady from far right. (Photo courtesy of Dr Wong Hee Ong)

THEY may have retired from their jobs, but they are far from calling it a day. Many of the seniors in the NUS Senior Alumni led by their President Dr Rosemary Khoo are still actively learning, not in classrooms, but from their peers.

As part of the monthly Tea and Chat sessions, members of the alumni are invited to speak on various topics. Retired Professor of Medicine, Dr Wong Hee Ong for instance, has shared about patients’ rights and responsibilities. Dr William Tan recounted how he battled polio to become a doctor and paralympian. Other topics include recent developments in stem cell technology, the ageing process and the challenges of starting a business in Singapore.

Says octogenarian Dr Wong: “I think these Tea and Chat sessions not only help us engage in life-long learning but give us the chance to meet and interact with other seniors.” Such sessions usually attract about 60 to 100 people each time.

In addition, the Senior Alumni organise other activities such as visits to museums, Parliament, overseas tours, Lunar New Year Lo Hei get-togethers as well as packing and donating New Year hampers to the Home Nursing Foundation for distribution.

Looking ahead, Dr Wong says the group is very keen to explore other ways to help other seniors such as by befriending them or through tie-ups with community centres.

He has a degree, an MBA and even a PhD. But Mr Lee Chee Ngauk is not one for staying still. Eager to grow his business and contribute back to society, he has set his sights on earning not one but two degrees in the coming years.

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Article published on: 26/1/2016