72 and in love with Aikido

AT 72, most people will probably be slowing down their pace of life. But for Mr David Chan, the action has just begun. The active senior, who runs a vintage and classic car restoration workshop, started learning Aikido four years ago and now practises the modern Japanese martial art for one-and-a-half hours, three times a week without fail.

oldman love aikido 2

Believe it or not, Mr Chan wasn’t all that active before he took up Aikido. He revealed that prior to learning Aikido, the last exercise he did was some 40 years ago! At the age of 28, his first son was born and family commitments soon became his top priority in life. It was only four decades later when he started experiencing body ailments that both his doctor and wife encouraged him to exercise more.

Amazingly, taking up Aikido lessons seems to have helped Mr Chan in many ways.

“As we age, it is important to stretch our body and strengthen our muscles. All the ailments that I had before are gone. Exercise helps improve our memory too,” he said.

oldman teach aikido

Mr Chan’s passion for the martial arts can be traced back to his younger days. He first took up Judo lessons in school at the age of 16. He then went on to learn Taekwondo at the age of 21 before becoming a Taekwondo instructor. Inspired by his idol Bruce Lee, he spent two years mastering the Chinese White Crane Kung Fu!

Other than Aikido, Mr Chan also ardently pursues his other passion – motor-racing. The adventurous senior travels to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with his son four times a year to race on the tracks of Sepang. 

Article published on: 17/4/2017