Road to a healthier life

TOWER Transit may not have officially started plying its 26 bus routes in Singapore, but the company has already kicked off its operations in Singapore on the “right” note.

It has encouraged its bus captains and trainers to adopt a healthy lifestyle. And they are walking the talk… or should that be riding the talk? Tower Transit has adopted the Health Promotion Board’s “Starting Right” Workplace Health Programme for Bus Captains, where their 750 drivers will have to go through a comprehensive health and wellness programme held at the Bulim Bus Depot.

Part of the “Starting Right” programme includes a mass exercise programme for the bus captains led by fitness trainers. On a recent visit to Tower Transit’s Bulim depot, Senior Minister of State for Health Dr Amy Khor joined almost 100 senior bus captains as they lunged and stretched to loud, pumping music even as they provided plenty of loud encouragement to each other.

Besides the simple exercises, the programme helps bus captains learn how to read nutritional labels and choose healthier food. The captains have also be taught how to prepare healthy meals like sandwiches with wholemeal bread and oatmeal.

And speaking of food, the Tower Transit canteen gets a big tick for providing healthier food and drink options for its employees. For instance, mixed brown rice is the default choice instead of white rice and, if you ask for a ‘kopi’ (coffee), it’s going to be ‘siu dai’ (with less sugar) as default.

The company has also created dedicated spaces for physical activity which includes a lounge with table tennis and foosball tables.

The company’s investment in their bus captains’ health seems to be paying off.

Bus captain Ching Seng, 57, has been driving buses for 12 years and says the Starting Right programme “helps me concentrate better and feel less tired”.

As a result, he feels much younger.

Article published on: 21/3/2016