Five ways to celebrate Mother's Day this year

THE most beautiful women aren’t picture-perfect models who strut down runways or grace the covers of fashion magazines. They are the ones with the furrows on their brows caused by worry for us, dark circles under their eyes from many sleepless nights nursing us back to health when we are ill or streaks of hair plastered to their sweaty faces when cooking our favourite dishes. With Mother’s Day just days away, we have listed five pocket-friendly ways for you to thank the most beautiful woman in your life.  

1. The foodie mum
Tighten your apron strings and whip up a plate of briyani rice with meatball in creamy tomato sauce for your mum this Mother’s Day. For the gastronomically adventurous mum, a barbecue chicken or laksa chicken pizza may appeal to her taste buds. End the meal on a sweet note with a bowl of cold barley dessert (pages 12 to 13) to chase away the heat. If mum can cook, so can you!  

Credits: Health Promotion Board

2. The music lover mum
Serenade your mum with the sound of music at the Singapore Symphony Orchestra’s (SSO) Classics in the Park Mother’s Day Concert. From Tchaikovsky to Brahms, the hour-long concert comprising classical favourites will strike a chord with her. Best of all? It’s free!

P.S. Did we mention that guest vocalist Taufik Batisah will be crooning to the tunes of Me & Mrs Jones and P. Ramlee’s Ibu? If this is music to your ears, then click here for more information.  

3. The history buff mum
Peek into the past by spending a day at a museum. Besides familiar names like the Art Science Museum and the National Gallery Singapore, did you know that we also have a MINT Museum of Toys and Baba House at the National University of Singapore? Fun fact: MINT is an acronym for “Moment of Imagination and Nostalgia with Toys”. Check out the list of museums here and don’t forget to join a guided museum tour to enhance your experience. Psst, seniors aged 60 and above enjoy discounted entry rates to the museums in Singapore!

4. The big-hearted mum
Make this Mother’s Day a special one by volunteering and spreading the love. You and your mum can spend an afternoon at Hort Park befriending the residents of United Medicare Centre. Alternatively, how about packing grocery bags for the elderly or needy beneficiaries living in the Redhill area? After all, a family that volunteers together, stays together. Discover more volunteering opportunities here.   

5. The social media-savvy mum
If you and your mum do more “talking” over social media than face-to-face, this one’s for both of you. This Mother’s Day, tell your mum how much you love her by taking part in the #ILoveYouMum social media challenge. Take this opportunity to let your mum know how much you love and appreciate her. Follow the instructions here and stand to win a massage chair or travel pillow… and many more!

Whether you’re whipping up a feast for your mum, exploring museums or simply spending some quality time at home with your mum on 13 May, don’t forget to continue showering her with love beyond this special day. From all of us here at I Feel Young SG, Happy Mother’s Day!

Article published on: 8/5/2018