What are the red flags of a cyber-attack?

It is important to be aware of the signs to look out for to determine if you have been attacked or hacked. You would also want to know how to respond immediately to avoid any compromise of your business or systems. These are the usual tell-tale signs that signal you or your organisation have been attacked:

  1. Usual files, applications, or services cannot be accessed.
  2. Accounts have been locked or the passwords have been changed without your knowledge.
  3. Files or software have been deleted or installed, or the contents have been changed without your involvement.
  4. Suspicious pop-ups load when you access the internet, or unknown files or programmes appear.
  5. Slower than normal internet speeds due to a spike in network traffic (or computers “hang” or crash).
  6. Files have been unexpectedly encrypted, blocking your access to them.
  7. Programmes running, turning off or reconfiguring themselves.
  8. Emails sent automatically without the user’s knowledge.
  9. No control over functions of the computer (e.g. in instances whereby device can be controlled remotely, or computer gets locked and displays messages coaxing users into paying a ransom).