Primary Care Survey 2014 Report

23 Jul 2018

Primary Care Survey 2014 Report

As Singapore ages, we face challenges of caring for our ageing population with an increasing burden of chronic disease. Many of us live with chronic disease or are at risk of doing so at some point in our lifetime. In order to maintain our quality of life, we have to actively take steps to prevent, detect, and manage chronic disease in the community. Good, accessible and affordable primary care services are the first line of care for many Singaporeans.

The findings from the Primary Care Survey 2014 paint a landscape of improving accessibility and affordability in the primary care sector. Private GP clinics serve about 80% of the overall primary care attendances, with more than half of their patients travelling less than 1km to seek medical care. More Singaporeans are also entrusting GPs with their chronic conditions, such as diabetes and hypertension, where regular monitoring and a relationship with trusted professionals may make all the difference to a better quality of life. About half of the GPs also serve their communities by bringing care to frailer Singaporeans at home or in nursing homes. It is encouraging that many Singaporeans have benefited from Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) subsidies to get care from the GPs in their community, which was introduced in 2012.

Our healthcare system must evolve to meet the changing needs of Singaporeans. MOH is committed to collaborating with our primary care physicians to further bring healthcare into the community and towards the vision of ‘One Singaporean, One Family Doctor’.

Primary Care Survey 2014 Report [PDF, 2MB]