The Biorepository Core led by Assistant Professor Shawn Vasoo functions to support PREPARE's five research co-operatives and aims to establish a biorepository for clinical samples and pathogen isolates along with their associated data that can be utilised for research. 



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Assistant Professor Shawn Vasoo

Assistant Professor Shawn Vasoo leads the PREPARE Biorepository Core. He is also currently Clinical Director at NCID. At NCID, he also leads the Infectious Diseases Research Laboratory. He is a clinical educator with the Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, Nanyang Technological University, and the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine at the National University of Singapore.

Key Personnel

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Dr Conrad Chan En Zuo

Principal Scientific Officer 

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Dr Yogeswari D/O Chandran

Scientific Officer 

Our Goals

  • To develop, maintain and serve as a custodian of a national repository and reference collection of microbes of public health importance and associated biological/clinical specimens in Singapore.
  • To facilitate the research studies of microbes (genotypic and phenotypic characterization including resistance and virulence) to help inform public health and infection control efforts.
  • To support and encourage research in the development and verification of new diagnostic tests, therapeutics and technologies


Our Strategy

  • Provide secure and reliable long-term storage for pathogen and patient samples and their associated data
  • Develop deep expertise in research methodologies such as pathogen isolation, culture, inactivation and characterization supported by on-site research laboratory and infrastructure. 
  • Develop a network of local stakeholders to enable effective collection and utilization of samples. 
  • Facilitate infectious disease and public health research for better health policies, disease knowledge and clinical care 

Our Collaborations

We work with DxD Hub, A*STAR in the development of reference panels for diagnostic development and validation.