1. General

"Inactivation", in relation to Biological Agents and Toxins Act (BATA), is a process carried out to render a biological agent non-infectious and unable to replicate itself under any condition.

Biological Agent in this section refers to First and Second Schedule biological agents.

"Inactivation" shall not apply, in so far as the process relates to the decontamination of the biological agent or biological waste.

2. Requirements

Requirements in inactivation of a biological agent:

  1. The person must have a prior approval to possess and/or to handle the First and Second Schedule biological agent.
  2. The inactivation method is approved by the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC).
  3. The inactivation process is to be carried out only in the facility in which the "Approval to Possess" for the particular biological agent has been granted.

3. FAQ

The FAQ's on the homepage of the biosafety website provide answers to commonly asked questions on biosafety.

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