New and Registered Users

Applicants can submit new application to register the following types of facilities through the Healthcare Application and Licensing Portal Biosafety Module (HALP-Biosafety).

  1. Certified High Containment (BSL-3) Facility
  2. Certified Maximum Containment (BSL-4) Facility
  3. Uncertified Facility
  4. Biomanufacturing Facility
  5. Registered Facility
Please ensure that you have a valid CorpPass access to HALP-Biosafety. If you do not have a CorpPass, please contact your company's CorpPass Administrator to enable your CorpPass access to HALP-Biosafety.

Registered users or applicants with facility(ies) registered in HALP-Biosafety can access their facility(ies), submit applications and/or notifications for their facility(ies) using the same link.