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Incident / Activities Report

1. General

Incident or activities report, in relation to the Biological Agents and Toxins Act, are notifications or the reporting of any adverse incidents or activities involving First Schedule Part II, Second Schedule and Fifth Schedule biological agents or toxins.

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2. Controls

The incidents stated below are required to be reported to the Ministry of Health if it involved any First Schedule biological agent, Second Schedule biological agent, Third Schedule biological agent produced on a large scale or Fifth Schedule toxin:

  1. All confirmed or suspected infections or illnesses acquired by any member of the staff of the facility in the course of carrying out any activity involving biological agents or toxins in the facility
  2. All adverse incidents involving biological agents that may potentially cause transmission of any infectious disease
  3. All adverse incidents involving toxins
  4. All loss, whether through theft or otherwise, of biological agents or toxins
  5. the destruction by the operator of any of the stocks of First Schedule Part II, Second Schedule and Fifth Schedule biological agents and toxins

3. Report an Incident

Incident report can be made online via the BiosIS e-services

Click here if you want to submit an incident report.

4. FAQ

The FAQ's on the homepage of the biosafety website provide answers to commonly asked questions on biosafety.

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