Career Paths

You have a choice of career under three schemes of service and can look forward to greater exposure to various functions of MOH as part of your career development. 

  1. Medical Service
  2. Management Executive

Key Job Roles

You will be involved in formulating and implementing policies that support the Ministry’s four key roles.

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Systems Design and Governance

Play a key role in designing and governing the healthcare eco-system to ensure that it is able to support the national mission of keeping Singaporeans healthy, to provide good and affordable healthcare to all Singaporeans, and to pursue medical excellence.

National Health Service Planning

Get involved in identifying and implementing public health strategies for disease prevention and control, determining the services required for patient care and developing health and clinical services customised to the needs of the local health situation.

Healthcare Financing System

Play a key role in keeping healthcare affordable for all and support the introduction of new clinical initiatives, by ensuring that appropriate payment structures and incentives are in place.

Healthcare Regulation

Be responsible for ensuring that healthcare services delivered in Singapore meet safety standards and are of reasonable quality.  Help draft and effect laws, perform enforcement and audits to ensure compliance, influence the ethics and conduct of the different groups of healthcare professionals, and establish a national standard of care provision to maintain consistency of quality in care provided to patients.

Training Opportunities

You will be exposed to many training and on-the-job learning opportunities to develop your talents to its fullest potential at every stage of you career.

As you join us

  • On-boarding programme will familiarise you with the organisation and your place within it.

  • Foundation programmes in-house will to deepen your understanding of Singapore’s healthcare landscape.

Finding your place with us

  • Job postings and secondments, allow you to explore the various functional areas in MOH or within the healthcare family to widen your perspectives and be abreast of a wide range of health-related issues.

Ongoing training

  • On-the-job training will form the backbone of your development.

  • Formal training such as courses, seminars and conferences give you a broader perspective.

  • Postgraduate scholarships are also available to aspiring officers.


Other careers in our healthcare family

Besides opportunities to work with Health Promotion Board (HPB) and Health Sciences Authority (HSA) in areas such as health promotion, health policy and regulation, you can look forward to working with the six public healthcare networks and the hospitals and polyclinics under them.

You can contact them directly at:

  1. Health Promotion Board (HPB)

  2. Health Sciences Authority (HSA) 

  3. National Healthcare Group (NHG)

  4. National University Health System (NUHS)

  5. Singapore Health Services (SingHealth)

The Health Professionals' Portal (HPP) also provides information related to training, registration and employment opportunities for healthcare professionals.