Bill Presentment for Public Healthcare Institutions

03 Oct 2023

Bill Presentment for Public Healthcare Institutions (PHIs)

We know that seeking medical treatment and care is a worrying experience by itself and you should not have to worry further about trying to understand your healthcare bills. To make it easier for you to understand the healthcare charges, public healthcare institutions* will adopt a consistent format in presenting the details of your healthcare bills to you progressively from April 2021 onwards.

The new bill format will:

  • Standardise information presented in healthcare bills across healthcare institutions and care settings.
  • Clearly indicate the pre-and-post subsidy costs, and how various financing schemes will help you to pay for the remaining amount.
  • Provide options on bill payment methods, including an SGQR code for online payment for added convenience. Patients can also access their bills and make payments on HealthHub**.


* These excludes the National Skin Centre printed bills, as well as bills printed by self-payment kiosks at the National University Polyclinics and National Healthcare Group Polyclinics.
** Selected pharmacy bills incurred at the NUHS and NHG institutions will be accessible at HealthHub at a later date.

New Features to Note on the New Bill

The bill shown below is for illustrative purposes only. Your actual bill may differ based on your medical treatment.
Bill Presentment.001 (Final)
Bill Presentment.002 (Final)

For bill enquires, please contact the respective healthcare institutions. The contact information can be found at the bottom right of your bill.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Updated as of 19 Apr 2021

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I notice that bills from different healthcare institutions offer different payment options. Why is that so?

The payment options reflected in your bill are specific to the institution that you visit. If you need assistance, contact the institution using the contact information at the bottom right of your bill.

Why is the bill now printed entirely in black and white and not in colour?

There used to be different printing practices and bill presentment format across the different healthcare institutions. As part of the effort to standardise presentation of bills, the bills were changed to black and white to facilitate bill design and printing at all printers.

Who may I contact for bill queries?

For bill enquiries, please contact the institution from which you received your bill. The contact information can be found at the bottom right of your bill.

where do I view my bills from HealthHub?

Please click here for the guide to view healthcare bills from HealthHub.

Is it safe to pay my bills via HealthHub?

HealthHub is a one-stop web portal set up by the Ministry of Health to provide you with convenience and easy access to healthcare services that you may need.  

HealthHub provides a convenient means for you to make payments for healthcare bills from different healthcare institutions. All payment transactions made through HealthHub will be directed to the respective public healthcare institutions through secure payment solutions.

For more information on HealthHub, please visit