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Healthcare Services Act (HCSA)

Revised HCSA Timeline_caa23Jun23

Services previously listed as Special Licensable Services e.g., blood transfusion, and Non-Premises Based services e.g., telemedicine, will no longer be separate categories of licensable healthcare services. Regulatory requirements will be imposed on licensees approved to provide these services.

*Proposed new licensable healthcare service under review for non-doctor/ dentist led preventive health services such as vaccinations.
+Assisted Reproduction will include Reproductive Cells and Embryo Banking Service.
^Nuclear Medicine Imaging and Nuclear Medicine Assay services has been combined into a single Licensable Healthcare Service (LHS) named Nuclear Medicine Service when HCSA Phase 2 is implemented.

Attention to healthcare providers who are offering a HCSA Phase 2 service:

Please note that HCSA Phase 2 has commenced on 26 June 2023.