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Healthcare Services Act (HCSA)

Revised HCSA Timeline Diagram

+Assisted Reproduction will include Reproductive Cells and Embryo Banking Service.
^Nuclear Medicine Imaging and Nuclear Medicine Assay services has been combined into a single Licensable Healthcare Service (LHS) named Nuclear Medicine Service when HCSA Phase 2 is implemented.

Attention To All Outpatient Medical Service (OMS), Acute Hospital Service (AHS), Community Hospital Service (CHS) And Clinical Laboratory Service (CLS) Licensees Providing Clinical Genetic And Genomic Services (CGGS):

Please note that the regulation of CGGS which was originally slated to start from 1 April 2024, has been postponed to 1 September 2024. This applies for the application of CGGS via the Healthcare Application and Licensing Portal (HALP) system for OMS licensees (initial commencement date is deferred from 2 February 2024 to a later date until further notice) and notification of Clinical Laboratory Genetic/Genomic Testing (LGT) services via the HALP system for CLS licensees (i.e., initial commencement date is deferred from 1 April 2024 to a later date until further notice). More details on the application/notification via HALP will be shared with OMS and CLS licensees at a later juncture.