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Services previously listed as Special Licensable Services e.g., blood transfusion, and Non-Premises Based services e.g., telemedicine, will no longer be separate categories of licensable healthcare services. Regulatory requirements will be imposed on licensees approved to provide these services.

Healthcare Services Act (HCSA)

Revised HCSA Timeline Diagram

+Assisted Reproduction will include Reproductive Cells and Embryo Banking Service.
^Nuclear Medicine Imaging and Nuclear Medicine Assay services has been combined into a single Licensable Healthcare Service (LHS) named Nuclear Medicine Service when HCSA Phase 2 is implemented.

Attention to all HCSA licensees:

To support the implementation of HCSA Phase 3 on 18 December 2023, please note that licensees will not be able to access the Healthcare Application and Licensing Portal (HALP) from 12 December 2023 (Tuesday), 1800 hours to 18 December 2023 (Monday), 0800 hours.

No applications can be submitted in HALP during this blackout period. Licensees are encouraged to plan any application submissions around this blackout period to avoid disruptions to your HCSA licence.