How to Apply

Steps to apply for a new HCSA licence.

For providers who are intending to offer a licensable healthcare service , you will need to obtain the relevant licence first before you are allowed to offer the service in Singapore.

To apply for a HCSA licence, you will need to:

1. Login to the Healthcare Application and Licensing Portal (HALP) using SingPass or CorpPass.

  1. Select the types of LHSes, SSes and MOSDs provided
  2. Key in licensing details and other service-related information
  3. Attach supporting documents
  4. Submit application and pay the relevant licence fees as stated
  5. Complete the self-assessment checklist
2. Receive confirmation on inspection date.
  1. Ensure documents are ready for inspection (e.g. MOM’s Registration for Pressure Vessels, NEA’s Licence for Irradiating Equipment)
  2. Inspectors may contact you for further clarifications after inspection
3. Receive email notification on application status after all licensing requirements have been met.
4. View e-licence on HALP upon approval.
5. Update on HALP if there are any changes to your licence.


What if I require technical assistance?

A dedicated helpdesk (via phone or email) is available to assist those who may need help with HALP:

- Operating Hours: Mon to Fri, 8am to 8pm excluding Public Holidays

- Helpdesk Contact: 6768 9796

- Helpdesk Email:

For references or e-guides on how to use HALP, please click here.


Timelines for licensing matters

If you need to renew or amend your HCSA licence, please note the timelines stipulated below under Table 1 to avoid any delays in the licensing process.

Table 1: Timelines for licensing matters under HCSA

Licence changesDeadline
Renew a licenceYou can submit a renewal of your HCSA licence as early as 6 months before the licence expires. A late renewal fee will be applicable if the renewal is submitted 2 months or lesser before the licence expires. If your licence has expired, you will be required to submit a new licence application
Addition of premises or conveyances to a licenceSubmit a new application at least 2 months before the service is provided in that additional premises or conveyance
Removal of premises or conveyances to a licenceSubmit a cessation application at least 1 month before stopping provision of service in that premises or conveyance
Change of licensee nameSubmit a request for change (RFC) application at least 1 month prior to the change
Any other amendmentsNotify MOH at least 10 calendar days before the change
Notification of cessationNotification of intention to cease must be made not less than 1 month prior to cessation
Notification of death of licenseeDirector must be notified of the licensee’s death within 1 month
Nomination of a nominee for your licence
If you are an individual licensee (not a registered company), you should indicate a nominee for your licence in HALP. The nominee will be the alternative point of contact and perform the duties of the licensee should you be uncontactable.
Note: it is no longer a requirement for licensees to display their licence in their permanent premises. However, licensees are to provide details of their licence and LHSes if requested by patients.